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H. R. 1540—5
Sec. 518. Consideration of reserve component officers for appointment to certain
command positions.
Sec. 519. Report on termination of military technician as a distinct personnel management category.
Subtitle C—General Service Authorities
Sec. 521. Sense of Congress on the unique nature, demands, and hardships of military service.
Sec. 522. Policy addressing dwell time and measurement and data collection regarding unit operating tempo and personnel tempo.
Sec. 523. Protected communications by members of the Armed Forces and prohibition of retaliatory personnel actions.
Sec. 524. Notification requirement for determination made in response to review of
proposal for award of Medal of Honor not previously submitted in timely
Sec. 525. Expansion of regular enlisted members covered by early discharge authority.
Sec. 526. Extension of voluntary separation pay and benefits authority.
Sec. 527. Prohibition on denial of reenlistment of members for unsuitability based
on the same medical condition for which they were determined to be fit
for duty.
Sec. 528. Designation of persons authorized to direct disposition of remains of
members of the Armed Forces.
Sec. 529. Matters covered by preseparation counseling for members of the Armed
Forces and their spouses.
Sec. 530. Conversion of high-deployment allowance from mandatory to authorized.
Sec. 531. Extension of authority to conduct programs on career flexibility to enhance retention of members of the Armed Forces.
Sec. 532. Policy on military recruitment and enlistment of graduates of secondary
Sec. 533. Department of Defense suicide prevention program.
Subtitle D—Military Justice and Legal Matters
Sec. 541. Reform of offenses relating to rape, sexual assault, and other sexual misconduct under the Uniform Code of Military Justice.
Sec. 542. Authority to compel production of documentary evidence.
Sec. 543. Clarification of application and extent of direct acceptance of gifts authority.
Sec. 544. Freedom of conscience of military chaplains with respect to the performance of marriages.
Subtitle E—Member Education and Training Opportunities and Administration
Sec. 551. Employment skills training for members of the Armed Forces on active
duty who are transitioning to civilian life.
Sec. 552. Enhancement of authorities on joint professional military education.
Sec. 553. Temporary authority to waive maximum age limitation on admission to
the military service academies.
Sec. 554. Enhancement of administration of the United States Air Force Institute
of Technology.
Sec. 555. Enrollment of certain seriously wounded, ill, or injured former or retired
enlisted members of the Armed Forces in associate degree programs of
the Community College of the Air Force in order to complete degree program.
Sec. 556. Reserve component mental health student stipend.
Sec. 557. Fiscal year 2012 administration and report on the Troops-to-Teachers
Sec. 558. Pilot program on receipt of civilian credentialing for skills required for
military occupational specialties.
Sec. 559. Report on certain education assistance programs.
Subtitle F—Armed Forces Retirement Home
Sec. 561. Control and administration by Secretary of Defense.
Sec. 562. Senior Medical Advisor oversight of health care provided to residents of
Armed Forces Retirement Home.
Sec. 563. Establishment of Armed Forces Retirement Home Advisory Council and
Resident Advisory Committees.
Sec. 564. Administrators, Ombudsmen, and staff of facilities.
Sec. 565. Revision of fee requirements.
Sec. 566. Revision of inspection requirements.
Sec. 567. Repeal of obsolete transitional provisions and technical, conforming, and
clerical amendments.