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Job Description: Senior Security Engineer, Luxembourg
EMEA Internship Programme -2013, Luxembourg, 2010-12-16

Verizon Business Luxembourg

System Engineering Spacewalk_puppet
Luxembourg, Luxembourg

Function title: System Engineering Spacewalk_puppet Intern
Overview of department including capabilities, reach and team dynamics
The Security Services Infrastructures department is responsible for the day-to-day system
management of the security infrastructures, which are used 24x7 to monitor and manage the
security of our customers. It interacts on a daily basis with other departments like the SOC
(Security Operation Center) and development teams.
The Luxembourg infrastructure is, for legal purposes, cut from our other infrastructures and
managed solely from Luxembourg.

Key objectives of the internship and project overview: (when completing please
consider the following:
The purpose of the internship is to help deploy provisioning and configuration management
servers to ease the update processes and the configuration and security policies deployments in
the infrastructure.
More specifically, we use the open-source tools Spacewalk (http://spacewalk.redhat.com/) as
provisioning management server and Puppet (http://puppetlabs.com/) as configuration
management server.
Key requirements of the project are as follows:



Register our existing Linux servers in Spacewalk and Puppet
Help defining templates suiting the different kinds of servers we have, and deploy them


Maintain Spacewalk up-to-date
Test open-source tools built on top of Spacewalk and Puppet (like Foreman and Katello)

Job Description: Senior Security Engineer, Luxembourg

Key responsibilities of intern / weekly requirements of the position (job description)

Understand our security, high-availability and reliability requirements in order to gain sufficient
insight into developing appropriate templates for our servers and deploy them as smoothly
and seamlessly as possible.

Be in touch with other members of our international team in order to help keeping the
Luxembourg infrastructure as similar as possible to our others.

Required technical skills or knowledge:
Student should have/be:

Solid practical experience with Linux.

Basic concepts of networking.

Good understanding of system and network security concepts.

Someone with a genuine curiosity for technology, exposed to technology from an early

Experience with Perl, Java, Oracle, MySQL, Apache, Tomcat, VMware Vsphere is a plus.

Required degree subject:
Bachelors or Master in

Computer Science or Information Security

Any other information:
Located in Luxembourg, possible travel to Brussels, Dortmund or Zurich.

Important programme information:

This is a paid internship with bonus potential.

All interns are required to complete a presentation of achievements against set objectives

to their management team at the end of their internship.
Presentation and overall performance are assessed against Intern Performance Rating.

Bonus determined by Rating.

Apply Now:
Please apply with your CV, motivation statement.
epsr 00965007 & 00965008
Verizon Business Career Zone (www.verizon.com/europeinterns2013) or


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