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Job Description: Senior Security Engineer, Luxembourg
EMEA Internship Programme -2013, Luxembourg, 2010-12-16

Verizon Business Luxembourg

Security Consultant intern
Luxembourg, Luxembourg

Function title: Security Analyst intern
Overview of department including capabilities, reach and team dynamics
Managed Security Services include round-the-clock monitoring and management of a large set of
security devices (Firewalls, IPS, Application firewalls, …) , overseeing patch management and
upgrades, responding to emergencies and incidents reported by our monitoring tools. All these
operations are performed remotely from the Secure Operations Center in Luxembourg.

Key objectives of the internship and project overview: (when completing please
consider the following:
The purpose of the internship is to help design and deploy a web monitoring application that will
provide remote monitoring of secure customers websites. Application is selected.
1. develop scripts for all websites monitored
2. interface with one time password tool
3. maintain documentation
4. link monitoring result to our analyst tools

Key responsibilities of intern / weekly requirements of the position (job description)
1. Understand our internal SEAM tools
2. Develop and maintain documentation, both technical and customer facing.
3. Train the local MSS team with your deployement.
4. Weekly reporting to mentor


Job Description: Senior Security Engineer, Luxembourg

Required technical skills or knowledge:
Competent user in:

Web application development skills (javascript, java, shell)

Strong network skills (tcp/ip, http, https, …)

Required degree subject:
Bachelors in

IT / Computer Science

Network Communications / Network Engineering

Any other information:

Important programme information:

This is a paid internship with bonus potential.

All interns are required to complete a presentation of achievements against set objectives
to their management team at the end of their internship.

Presentation and overall performance are assessed against Intern Performance Rating.

Bonus determined by Rating.

Apply Now:
Please apply with your CV, motivation statement.
epsr 00965457
Verizon Business Career Zone (www.verizon.com/europeinterns2013) or


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Aperçu du document 2013 janvier - Verizon - Ops req_ Security Analyst.pdf - page 2/2

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