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The French Basque Country or Northern Basque Country
situated within the western part of the French department
of the Pyrenees-Atlantiques is delimited in the north by the
department of Landes, in the west by the Bay of Biscay, in
the south by the southern Basque Country and in the east by
Béarn. Biarritz and Bayonne are its chief towns.
In medieval times the Basque Country was a fishing and whaling
community. Whaling was important to the region’s existence into the 17th
Côte des Basque Beach in Biarritz

Today the Basque Country is primarily a tourist destination, but still
manages to maintain its character and steer clear of tackiness. This is
mainly because most visitors come from nearby Spain and from the rest of
The Basque Coast boasts more than 30 km of beaches. The backcountry
has much to offer as well, Basque villages that have remained nestled in an
authentic countryside. And on top of it Spain is just a stone’s throw away if
you want to go out for San Sebastian’s world-renowned tapas. In Biarritz
and the surrounding area, you’ll be able to truly experience a surprising
region through its cuisine, its traditions and its geography…

San Sebastian, Southern Basque Country, France


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