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Washington, DC 20066
Permit No. 1031

2025 Eye St., N.W.
Suite 213
Washington, D.C. 20006

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Continue Your Family Tradition
A 50-year family tradition lived on in the Allen Family
when Kimberly Graves received a psychology degree,
magna cum laude, last year at the University of the District
of Columbia. Her mother, Desiree Graves, earned a
quality education at UDC when it was called D.C.
Teachers College. Kimberly's grandmother, Edith M.
Allen, was in the Class of 1940 at Miner Teachers ..
College, another UDC predecessor.
UDC roots go back to 1851 with its founding as Myrtilla
Miner "school for colored girls". Teaching was the
respectable option for coeds in Mrs. Allen's generation.
Career choices for women were hardly greater for
Kimberly's mother. Both made their mark as educators.
When Kimberly came along, the local tradition of excellence in public higher education flourished at UDC. She
found that UDC offers a comprehensive array of more
than 120 academic programs, a strong faculty, convenient campus locations, a highly motivated student
body, and enormous value for every dollar invested.
For Kimberly, whose generation of women recognizes
few limitations on professional dreams, UDC was the
smart choice, just as it was for her mother and her
grandmother. Every year at UDC, husbands and wives,
mothers and daughters, sisters and brothers, grandmothers and grandchildren graduate in the same class.
Like the Allen women, they've established a family
tradition at UDC.
It's your turn now! Start a family tradition at UDC. Or
keep one going. UDC is still the smart choice!!

For additional information
Call UDC-2225, or write:
Office of Undergraduate Admissions, or
Office of Graduate Admissions
University of the District of Columbia
4200 Connecticut Avenue, N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20008


a~ the smart choice


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