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mostl during a picture s opening
weekend. After that .t is the
continued emp asis in the media
that turns 0 e· ident into a


a ded lrhe
the press

e orts ignore
e problem
articular film,
Dickerson's Juice,
or violence, the

is the

e foundation
ent to ban or censor
t the session,
resIdent, William


Fano .



ealed that exhibitors
put under pressure by
community leaders and

to pull some of the
it comes down to
thea e being unable to safely
e movies because of
o e ce then the question is
r e ofwhether or not such



get made.
Hile Townsend attributed
the riolence to exploitative
marketing campaigns that
emphasize negative and violent
Black stereotypes, the other
filmmakers explained that these
. cidents would happen regardof the showing of the films.
Producers Jackson and McHenry
convinced the movie executives,
exhibitors and filmmakers
present to pledge their support
for a campaign of public service
announcements to run in
theaters, targeting the issue of


When the Oscar nominations
were announced this year, John
Singleton at 23, became the

youngest person and the first


African American nominated
Best Director in the history of the
Academy Awards. In addition,

Winners of the 1992
International Black Independent
Film, Video & Screenplay

Singleton received a second
nomination for Best Original
Screenplay for his debut film
Boyz N the Hood The film,
which grossed over $57 million
at the box office and is now
available on videocassette, tells
the story of three teenage boys
coming of age in South Central
Los Angeles.
"This is something that had
never happened before," said
Singleton. "It sure made the
white boys mad."-George Hill


(Saundra Sharp) for Best Short


Roy Campanella won the
Directors Guild ofAmerica
(DGA) award for his PBS/

ceremony in Beverly Hills in

tapes by and about women, is
now distributing the awardwinning hour-long videotape
Slaying the Dragon, produced and
directed by San Francisco
videomaker Deborah Gee.

and contributions of Black
women in film and television.

dramatic day category. Originally
broadcast on PBS, "Brother

The theme, "Black Women in
Film and Television: Portraits
and Portrayals," focused
attention on these contributions
and the creative talent that still
needs to be tapped.
The 1992 Hall of Fame
Inductees were actresses Rosalind
Cash ("Sister, Sister"), Helen

Future" has also been honored by

Clarence Muse Youth Award and
the late Dorothy Dandridge was
honored with a retrospective
Black Film Review


Women Make Movies, the

March. Campanella becomes the
first African American filmmaker
to win the DGA award for a

Journal" and "Sesame Street").
Actress Tempestt Bledsoe ("The
Cosby Show") received the

well-known edifice was previously MGM's Irving Thalberg
Building, named for the famed
head of production during the
studio's "golden years" in the

Wonderworks television movie
"Brother Future" at an awards
The Black Filmmakers Hall of
Fame's 19th Annual Oscar
Micheaux Awards Ceremony,
held in February in Oakland,
California, spotlighted the history

Martin ("227") and Madge
Sinclair ("TrapperJohn, M.D."),
actress and writer Denise
Nicholas ("Room 222"), and
producer, director and editor
Madeline Anderson ("Black

by the American Film Institute

with its highly prestigious
Lifetime Achievement Award. An
edited version of the event was
Competition include Daughters of broadcast on NBC as a television
the Dust 0ulie Dash & Arthur
special in April.
]afa) for Best Film, Kokoyah:
In another tribute, Sony
Beast ofthe North (Malcolm
Pictures, where Poitier is based,
Johnson) for Best Feature
has named its main administraScreenplay and Dearly Beloved
tion building after him. This

feature film and the first in the

nonprofit distributor of films and

Slaying the Dragon is a comprehensive look at media stereotypes
ofAsian and Asian American

the National Black Programming
Consortium and the Colurnbus

women since the silent era.

International Film and Video

From the racist use ofwhite
actors to portray Asians in early
Hollywood films, to Suzie Wong

Eric Lanueville won for an
episode of "I'll Fly Away."
Lanueville previously won for a
one-hour episode of "L.A. Law"
in 1989. Among other African
American directors who have

and 1950s geisha girls, to the
Asian American anchorwomen of
today, the videotape shows
through film clips and interviews
how stereotypes of exoticism and

won are Thomas Carter, who

docility have affected the

received the award in 1984 for a
one-hour episode of "Hill Street

perception ofAsian American
women and the effects of these
images on their lives. As the


Sidney Poitier, the legendary
screen star, was recently honored

recent protests against The Year of
the Dragon and Miss Saigon show,
Asian Americans are organizing
to challenge enduring stereotypes
and to fight for the opportunity
to represent themselves.

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