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Ennahdha Electoral Programme 2011
In the name of God, Most Merciful, Most Beneficent

Anyone who studies the path of Tunisia’s civilisation and culture over the last 150
years can perceive a three-dimensional public awareness within society and its
cultural, political and administrative elites. The first is an awareness of the country’s
civilisational backwardness compared to the progress achieved by western nations,
which has given rise to power, pride and prosperity thanks to the liberation of minds
from illusions and the freedom from despotic rule. The second is a deep consciousness
of the absolute necessity of bridging this gap by making every possible effort to
acquire modern science and technology and develop administrative and political
institutions so as to achieve efficiency, develop effective means of production and
avert the scourge of despotism. The third is a deep awareness of, and confidence in,
the validity of Islam and its heritage as a value and cultural reference and a basis for
this project of reform and modernisation through ijtihad (creative interpretation),
tajdid (renewal), and the activation of dialogue with the contemporary concerns,
sciences, and achievements of the modern age. These dimensions form the essence of