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Ennahdha Electoral Programme 2011
the reform project and their relative significance continues to be the subject of
ongoing debate.
The ENNAHDHA (Renaissance) Movement, which considers itself a continuation and
evolution of the message of political, social and cultural reform, presents to you its
programme in the various fields, hoping that it will be of interest to you and meet your
expectations of responsibly and effectively addressing our country’s achievements,
our revolution’s objectives and our people’s aspirations.
The main themes of our programme are as follows:
1. Tunisia as a free independent state, with Islam as its religion, Arabic as its
language, Republicanism as its system, and the achievement of the
objectives of the Revolution as its priority.
2. Islam as a supreme point of reference that is balanced and interactive with
any human expertise of proven benefit, through the method of ijtihad.
3. Arabic language and literature as a tool of communication, a culture and the
medium for opening to and interacting with all world languages, particularly
those most relevant to modern sciences be they eastern or western.
4. The Republican system as the best guarantee of democracy and best use of
the country's wealth for the benefit of the people, as well as the guarantor of