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Ennahdha Electoral Programme 2011
the essentials of a dignified life, including employment, health, education,
respect for human rights without discrimination on the basis of sex, color,
belief or wealth, and the affirmation of women's rights to equality,
education, employment and participation in public life.

Democratic Political System
The ENNAHDHA Movement proposes to Tunisians to establish a political system that
eradicates the roots of dictatorship that have become entrenched throughout our
history and deviated the State from its mission and has dedicated it instead to the
repression of freedoms and aspirations and the protection of corrupt gangs in total
contradiction to the principles of consultation, human rights and trustworthy
management of public funds.
It is the Parliamentary system which guarantees public and private freedoms,
independence of the judiciary, freedom of information and alternation of power
through the balanced, dynamic distribution of powers between the various state
institutions and through free pluralistic elections. The Parliamentary system further
ensures the strength and independence of civil society and promotes comprehensive
development in all regions of the country and across all segments of society.