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Ennahdha Electoral Programme 2011
Our nation is preparing to elect a National Constituent Assembly as an expression of its
sovereignty, an achievement of the goals of the revolution and a break with the reign
of tyranny and corruption.
The ENNAHDHA Movement pays its respects to the martyrs thanks to whose pure
blood, along with God’s help, Tunisia has achieved its independence, liberated itself
from tyranny, and is now preparing to build a state based on freedom, dignity and
The ENNAHDHA Movement, as a responsible national actor, is committed to the
preservation of the spirit of accord and coexistence among all Tunisians without
exclusion or discrimination within a system that guarantees every citizen’s freedom
and dignity, achieves the country's growth, development and stability and respects its
aspiration to achieve modernity in harmony with authenticity.
In view of the above, the ENNAHDHA Movement sets the following major objectives as
priorities in its programme:
1. To establish a democratic system that breaks with tyranny, founded on the
basis of citizenship, freedoms, dignity, the supremacy of the Constitution,
rule of law and all standards of good governance.
2. To implement an economic and social plan aimed at providing jobs for all
Tunisian men and women, offering all the amenities of a dignified life,