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January Newsletter, 2013

+Ellen Christine Couture
99 Van Dam Street
New York, NY, 10013

She comes to you in January:

An important addition to any milliner’s and/or hat
lovers’ library. Originally published in a Spanish
edition via Monsa Press, at Harpers Collins now
available in English on Amazon.
Louis Bou has given us a selection of couture hat
designers from around the world. Ellen Christine is
proud to be included in this happy mix of milliners.

The Katie Show with the
indomitable Katie Couric at
its helm provides cutting
edge journalism on popular
and topical subjects. This
month Downton Abbey, the
Emmy awarded PBS series
resumed its season run in
America. In honor of the
event, Katie had cast
members participating in a
live quiz show format skit.
Katie and her “opponent”
both wore hats by Ellen

Latest most fabulous press highlights our hats as bridal accessories.
Vogue Sposa #Fall Winter

Once again, the Hat Ladies of Atlanta descended upon NYC, hats on
heads and ready to party. Included in their annual tour of the city is a
visit to the Ellen Christine showroom and a superlative luncheon hosted
by Ambassador Simona Miculescu at the Permanent Mission of
Romania to the United Nations.

Appointments available in our showroom for private fittings and custom
orders: Our website

Reached us via:
Twitter: @ellenchristine
FaceBook: Ellen Chrsitine Couture
Pinterest: Ellen Chrsitine Couture
Email: admin@ellenchristine.com

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