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He (Ka`b) said, `The Messenger of Allah held my hand
while speaking to me. Meanwhile I was slowing down
fearing that he might reach the door before he finished
his conversation. When we came close to the door, I
said: O Messenger of Allah! What is the Surah that you
have promised to teach me'
He said, What do you read in the prayer.
Ubayy said, `So I recited Umm Al-Qur'an to him.'
He said,

ِ" َ ‫ َو‬:ِ ِ;ْ
!ِْ ‫ <رَا ِة َو َ "ِ ا‬- ‫ "ِ ا‬$
ُ ‫ِي َ
ْ ِ ِ َ ِ ِ? ﻡَ َأ
ْ َ= َل ا‬0 ‫وَا‬
َ7 َ ْ ‫ ا‬8ُ ْ
‫َْ @َ ِإ
@َ ا‬7‫ن ِﻡ‬
ِ َ ْ5 ُ ْ ‫ا = ُ< ِر َو َ "ِ ا‬
By Him in Whose Hand is my soul! Allah has
never revealed in the Tawrah, the Injil, the
Zabur or the Furqan a Surah like it. It is the
seven repeated verses that I was given.''
Also, At-Tirmidhi recorded
narration, the Prophet said,






+ُ -ُ ِBْ ‫ِي ُأ‬0 ‫ ا‬1ِ ِ2 َ ْ ‫ن ا‬
ِ 4ْ56ُ ْ ‫َ
ِ وَا‬7 َ ْ ‫ ا‬8ِ ْ
‫ ا‬
َ ‫ِإ
@َ ِﻡ‬
It is the seven repeated verses and the Glorious
Qur'an that I was given.
At-Tirmidhi then commented that this Hadith is Hasan
There is a similar Hadith on this subject narrated from
Anas bin Malik.
Further, `Abdullah, the son of Imam Ahmad, recorded this
Hadith from Abu Hurayrah from Ubayy bin Ka`b, and he
mentioned a longer but similar wording for the above Hadith.
In addition, At-Tirmidhi and An-Nasa'i recorded this Hadith from
Abu Hurayrah from Ubayy bin Ka`b who said that the
Messenger of Allah said,