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Paolo Arseneau
Over 10 years of job experience

Permanent Address:
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Bathurst, NB

Information Technology & Networking CCNB Bathurst, NB


• 2008 to 2012
Xstrata Zinc Canada, Bathurst NB
Worked as an IT Specialist to support 11 mine sites across Canada and the US with over 2000 computers
Familiarities: BrightStor ARCserve, MSL Library 5000, Norton Ghost and Altiris, Active Directory, Exchange, All windows
platforms including 2003 and 2008, SharePoint, MS Office, Live Meeting, Office Communicator, Forefront Antivirus,
Support for SAP systems users, Npoint encryption and securities, VPN SecureClient, And more
• 2005 to 2008
LGS group Inc, Quebec QC
Worked as an IT consultant for different government organizations
Familiarities: Installation and configuration of XP desktops, McAfee Antivirus, MS SharePoint, Authorization Manager,
Active Directory, MS Content Manager Server, IIS services.
• 2004
CLSC & CHSLD, Gatineau QC
Worked as a Junior Network Administrator to support of 4 major medical sites with over 500 computers
Familiarities: Administrator in a Windows XP/2000/NT environment, Installation, configuration and computer repairs on
various operating systems
• 2003
Informatique DL, Gatineau QC
Worked as an IT Technician for residential and commercial technical support
Familiarities: Installation, configuration and computer repairs on various operating systems
• 2002 to 2003
School District 5, Bathurst NB
Worked as a Junior Network Administrator to support and maintain a network of 22 schools
Familiarities: Novell client and server, repairs and configurations of various operating systems
• 1999 to 2002
Myself, Bathurst NB
Worked as a computer technician to repair, build and sell computers
Familiarities: Install computer parts and software


Created and deployed the bilingual image used by the public for the 2003 Canada Games as part of my internship with
the school district 5


All hardware architectures, Windows (all platforms), DOS (all network commands), Linux Mandrake & RedHat, Novell 5,
Wireless and Wifi protocols (all of them), HTPC expert, projectors interconnectivity, MS Office (all versions), Lotus Notes,
Active Directory, Exchange, NDS, Norton Suite and Altiris, Forefront, SAP, Live meeting, Office communicator, Npoint
security, and more


Microsoft MCTS - Windows Vista
CompTIA - A+ Core Hardware
CompTIA - A+ Operating Systems Technologies

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