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Quebec J3H 4Z4 Canada

LICENSE #152680
Date: Oct 4, 2012

Mozart - Lacrimosa (from the Requiem Mass) by Apollo Symphony



This non-exclusive STANDARD license allows you, the licensor, to use the Recording worldwide for unlimited
time with any type of New Media Project. For the purpose of this license, a New Media Project is defined as a
production which makes use of new media or multi-media platforms, including web site background music,
Podcasts, Flash animations and presentations, online tutorials, e-learning tools, slide-shows, website videos,
corporate training videos, Powerpoint presentations, multimedia CD-Roms, promotional DVDs, software demos,
online video sharing (YouTube, Vimeo, etc.), FREE iPhone and iPad applications and web-based online video
This license also includes use of the Recording for film festivals, for television program broadcasting and radio
program broadcasting but DOES NOT INCLUDE use of the Recording in a commercial film, television
advertising, radio advertising, or any DVD, CD or video game (including paid iPhone/iPad game or application)
sold to the general public if more than 1,000 copies are produced and/or downloaded.
For TV productions, in order to collect performing rights, cue-sheets must be filed with the appropriate
performing rights organizations and a copy must be faxed or emailed to us as an attachment. Please note that
this license does not include Performing Rights that will be collected by PROs (Performing Rights
Organizations) such as SESAC, BMI, ASCAP, SOCAN, etc.
This license is non-exclusive - is and remains the owner of all right, title and interest in the
Recording, including without limitation any copyrights therein.
This is an addendum to our full music license which can be found at


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