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Certificate Number: GR1084

Animal Health Trust
Suffolk, UK
Registered Name: Goodwood goes to Hareswith of Clan Buchanan
Registration Number: 116453
Microchip/Tattoo Number: 250269801745397
This dog is CLEAR of progressive retinal atrophy (GR_PRA1).
Authentication code: AC3585886

Explanation of terms:
This dog has two normal copies of DNA. Clear dogs will not develop PRA as a result of the
GR_PRA1 mutation we are testing for, although we cannot exclude the possibility they might
develop PRA due to other mutations they might carry that are not detected by this test.

Result authorised by: Dr. N. G. Holmes (Genetic Services Manager)
Sample received: 15/11/2012
Test completed: 20 November, 2012 using SOP/IMUN/63-1
Client: Sally Schofield
Address: LEcorneboeuf,Folles,87250,France

Result only applies to sample supplied
Genetic Services, Animal Health Trust, Lanw ades Park, Kentford, New market, Suffolk, CB8 7UU, UK
Tel: 01638 555621 Fax: 01638 555666 E-mail: dnatesting@aht.org.uk
Any deletions or additions made will invalidate this certificate

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