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Japanese Late Mesozoic and Cenozoic $shes


Table 13 Late Cenozoic elasmobranchs of Hokuriku (Karasawa 1989). Locality no. 23 in Fig. 1.


Hezanchus gigas (Sismonda)

Eugomphodus acutissima (Agassiz)
Eugomphodus cuspidatus (Agassiz)
Odontaspis volaz (Le Hon)

(Middle Miocene to Late Miocene)
(Middle Miocene)
(Middle Miocene)
(Middle Miocene)


Alopias superciliosus (Lowe)

Cetorhinus maximus (Gunnerus)
Cetorhinus sp.
Carcharodon carcharias (Linnaeus)
Camharodon megalodon (Agassiz)
Isurus desori (Sismonda)
Isurns hastalis (Agassiz)
Isurus planus (Agassiz)
Isurns oxrinchus Rafinesque
Parotodus benedeni (Le Hon)

(Middle Miocene)
(Middle Miocene)
(Middle Miocene)
(Pliocene to Pleistocene)
(Middle Miocene to Pliocene)
(Middle Miocene)
(Middle Miocene to Late Miocene)
(Middle Miocene)
(Middle Miocene)


Scyliorhinus kasenoi Karasawa

(Middle Miocene)


Hemipristis serra Agassiz
Carcharhinus acanthodon (Le Hon)
Carcharhinus eggertoni (Agassiz)
Carcharhinus priscus (Agassiz)
Carcharhinus spp.
Galeocerdo aduncus Agassiz
Galeocerdo cuwier (Peron & Lesuer)
Gen. & sp. indet.

(Middle Miocene)
(Middle Miocene)
(Middle Miocene)
(Middle Miocene to Late Miocene)
(Middle Miocene)


Dalatias licha (Bonnaterre)
Squalus cfr. S. serriculus Jordan and Hannibal

(Middle Miocene)
(Middle Miocene)

Pristiop horidae

Pristiophorus sp.

(Middle Miocene)


Squatina sp.

(Middle Miocene)


Dasyatis sp.
Gen. et SD. indet.

(Middle Miocene to Late Miocene)
(Middle Miocene)


Aetobatus sp.
Rhinoptera sp.

been found in the Kobiwako Group in Mie and
Shiga prefectures. The Pliocene cyprinid fauna is
different from the present fauna in Japan and
similar to the Miocene fauna in Japan and the
Pliocene and present ones in China at the genus
level (Nakajima 1986). Pleistocene freshwater
fishes found from Kusu Basin in Oita Prefecture
consist of extant freshwater species occurring in
Japan (Uyeno et al. 197513; Yabumoto 198713).

We wish to express our sincere gratitude to Dr
Lawrence G. Barnes of the Natural History Mu-

(Middle Miocene)
(Middle Miocene)

seum of Los Angeles County for his critical reading
of this manuscript. We are also grateful to Dr
Yoshikazu Hasegawa and Dr Masamichi Ota for
their encouragement.

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Boso and Miura peninsulas. Transactions and Proceedings of the Paleontological Society of Japan,
New Series, 71, 296-307.
APPLEGATE S. & UYENO T. 1968. The first discovery of
a fossil tooth belonging t o the shark genus Heptranchias, with a new Pristiophorus spine, both from the
Oligocene of Japan. Bulletin of the National Science

Museum, Tokyo 11, 195-200.