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 This competition is administered by CheerCup. Judges take all final decisions on the ranking of each team (this includes
sanctions deduction of points or disqualification). The judges' decision is FINAL and can’t be discussed.
 The LIABLE are responsible for compliance with all the rules set out in the guidelines, policies and at the time of
registration. The guidelines are available on the site:

I acknowledge that CheerCup uses level divisions of competition. I am aware of the rules of each division and agree to
abide by them. I take full responsibility for knowledge of the rules and restrictions for each division.

 The LIABLE coaches, the team and its supporters (eg, parents and spectators) evidence of appropriate sportsmanship
before, during and after the competition.
 The recruitment of athletes is strictly prohibited. (Eg distributing promotional Flyer, get into the space of another team
during warm-ups or practice approach athletes / coaches from another club to encourage them to change clubs.
 The RESPONSIBLE certify that all team members are eligible for the division in which they are enrolled.
 The presence of participant (s) that do not meet the requirements will result in disqualification of the team.
 The RESPONSIBLE certify that all / any participant (s) are mentioned (s) s in the list of players and CheerCup has been
informed of any change in the list of players.
 The coaches of each team will assume responsibility for the safety, well-being and behavior of all team members.
 The RESPONSIBLE certify that all information provided above all team members, coaches, parents, supporters and other
 All / all athletes cited in the list of players currently registered and legitimate (s) in the school or organization will be
mentioned and the day of the competition. I also confirm that all / all athletes have the required age and qualify for the
division in which they are enrolled (s).
 The team / club must be in possession of a policy of liability insurance valid at least $ 2 million which covers all / all
athletes and coaches of the club. School teams must be covered by the insurance policy of their school board for
outside interests or be in possession of an insurance liability of at least $ 2 million specific to the team.
 All athletes participating in our program represent a club or school calendar and are in compliance with the
requirements of insurance CheerCup mentioned above.


I accept all responsibilities and requirements listed above:

Name of club/school: ___________________________________________________
Name of owner/manager : _______________________________________________
Signature of owner/manager: _______________________________________________

Date: ____________________


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