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Sifu Frank Schäfer

Amsterdam, 18-02-2013
To whom it might concern:
I am the licensed EWTO chief instructor of the WingTsun Ⓡ branch in The Netherlands and
the Dutch Antilles already since 1986 with the head quarter in Amsterdam.
To be able to expand our future teaching options I have decided to take the EWTO license
also for Martinique, which is not to far away from Curacao, another of our up-coming places.
So, in March of this year the official EWTO licence contract for Martinique will be signed.
The EWTO (European WingTsun Organisation) is the largest professional martial art
association of one single style in Europe, maybe even world-wide, with branches in over 65
countries, including France. For more info about the EWTO please visit: www.ewto.com.
The standard of the EWTO education is by the way that high that there are now even two
existing WT-related academic studies available; one toward Bachelor of Arts (University of
Derby) and one toward Master of Sport Pedagogy (University of Plovdiv).
Because I would not be able to be constantly present at the Caribbean I have appointed my
instructor-student Yvon Limmois to be my official WingTsun representative of the EWTO.
To ensure that the quality of the WT lessons will be maintained and as well enhanced I will
travel a couple of times a year to Martinique for providing intensive trainings.

7. PG master level
Trainer-4 license
National Trainer
Cert. Sportscoach
Reg. Counsellor
EMDR Therapeut

NWTO – Schäfer
Comeniusstr. 663
1065 CC Amsterdam
Tel: 020-6632150
NWTO – Academie
Notweg 32
1068 LL Amsterdam
Tel.: 06-22564448

With this letter I officially declare that the school(s) 'Wing Tsun Martinique' of Yvon
Limmois and his connected students are licensed to the EWTO and completely
supported by the NWTO-Caribbean section from March of 2013.
I hope that I have provided enough information regarding the situation of the organisationchange that will take place for 'Wing Tsun Martinique' and the related members.
Please don't hesitate to contact me, most preferably by Email, if you got any questions,


Best wishes,



Frank Schäfer
EWTO license holder and NWTO chief instructor of
− The Netherlands & Dutch Antilles (since June 1986)
− Martinique (from March 2013)

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