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Titre: Voyage au Cœur de la Conscience des Cristaux
Auteur: Delphine MORIZOT

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Master Healer Class, Levels 1 & 2

“Living Essences and Ayurvedic Remedies
based on Plants and Gems”
25th to 29th of september 2013 at Massérac (near Nantes, France)
5 days facilitated by John Armitage (Hari Das Baba)
Les 8 & 9 Septembre 2012,
à Massérac,
de Nantes
& Redon
This workshop
is for those
already use
or wish to make a start
using living essences and remedies. It is compulsory to attend the
following levels.
Doctor in Homeopathy amongst many other things, Hari Das Baba has
been leading in depth researches for over 20 years on remedies and
essences based on plants and gems (precious and semi precious), but
also on sacred places and energies. This system has been constantly
evolving along with planetary needs.
Hari will present technical information on both remedies and essences
in homeopathic potencies as well as information on the use of classical
homeopathy in the 21st century. You will be given the first part of the
knowledge and discoveries made by Hari Das Baba and Dr
Battacharyya from India, who associated the use of gems to the
Ayurvedic healing system and obtained extraordinary results. Many of
these   remedies   have   been”proven”   by   Hari   and   a   dedicated   team of
“provers”.   They   have   been   used   extensively   and   successfully   in   his  
homeopathic and healing practice, with adults, children and animals.
You will be taught what these essences and remedies are, how to make
them, use them, store them and how they link to homeopathy. You will
discover a simple prescription system, the relationship between sacred
ancient vedic medecine, the work on subtle bodies and personal
development, and much much more !!!!

Price : 995 € including class, certificate,

A lot of and remedies will be made altogether, for health and well being
(remedies), expansion of consciousness, and ongoing awareness

manual, breaks.
Meals and accommodation are extra.

This course is an interactive one, Hari does not only talk about
remedies and essences, an experiment is made with them !

Nathalie MAUGER
Tél : 06 25 21 22 21
Email :

A sale of crystals (skulls, points, spheres, jewellery and much
more !) will take place during this class.

Contact Information & Booking :

Who is Hari Das Baba /John Armitage ?
His name Hari Das, comes from the years spent in India with Din Hari Das Babaji
Maharaj who was his Master in his twenties. Founder of New Paradigm Multi
Dimensional Transformation  (ex Shamballa MDH  ), open channel since bhis
most tender years, healing facilitator and Dr in Homeopathy internationally
renowned, Hari Das Baba has been facilitating workshops, classes and sacred
tours all over the world for over 25 years.

Your booking will only be official after your booking form and downpayment are received. Also, the downpayment is not
refunded if you cancel, only an arrangement with an other participant is possible (if possible).
A confirmation letter (email) will be sent to you a little while before the class, giving you all the necessary information
(precise  place,  starting  time,  what  to  bring,  ….). Thanks for letting Nathalie know if you need accommodation, a list will
be provided to you.

Booking form “Essences and Remedies Levels 1 & 2” 25th-29th of September 2013 at Massérac, France
Your place in this class will only be firm when your booking form and downpayment are received.
Your booking form(below) is to be sent to Nathalie MAUGER, 7, La Bessière, 44290 MASSERAC, FRANCE
or by email to
For the downpayment, please get in touch with Delphine (
who will give you the information you need for your bank transfer.

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