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Press Release
For immediate release

Retec f3 Technologies
Finalist in the prestigious contest Les Mercuriades 2013 in the category of
“Innovation Investment Quebec”
Granby, February 22, 2013 – It was on Thursday, February 21st that Retec, represented by Mr.
François Dandeneault, President and Chief Executive Officer, qualified as a finalist in the contest
Les Mercuriades 2013 in the category of “Innovation Investment Quebec”
Retec f3 Technologies is a business from Granby, QC in full expansion. They develop waterproof
and ecological coatings for paper and cardboard used in industrial and food industries. The
components, made from renewable materials, have the unique characteristic of being completely
recyclable and repulpable.
It is the first time that an ecological company has been able to be competitive in both price and
efficiency with non-recyclable petroleum base coating manufacturers. Unfortunately, every year
in North America 5 million tons of paper and cardboard treated with wax and polyethylene are
dumped in landfills which represent 60 million trees per year!
Everything brings us to believe that with Retec’s RF3 technology, wax and petroleum based
polyethylene treated packaging will soon be a thing of the past. Market demand is forcing businesses
to produce greener and recyclable packaging for a more ecological environment. Retec is able to
finally respond to this industry demand and at a low cost.
RETEC products are a significant step ahead in terms of technological innovation. Rf3 technology is
recognized around the world as being the most innovative and performant in its domain. The
investment in research and development has beard fruit as proven by this nomination in the contest
Les Mercuriades 2013.

Who is François Dandenault ?
Mr. François Dandenault founded RETEC in 1995. He previously occupied multiple positions at
CASCADES Specialized Packaging Group such as; Director of Sales, Director of Product
Development and Director of Projects. The experience he acquired in sales, fabrication and
transformation of cardboard packaging served him well in creating Retec f3 coatings.

Contact : François Dandenault

Téléphone : 450 372-5106

Courriel :

Twitter : rf3 technologies
Site web

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