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International Conference on Information and Intelligent Systems
March 24-26, Sousse, Tunisia
Technical Co-Sponsor

Call for Papers:

Researchers are invited to submit abstracts, posters or papers through EDAS or, Easychair; or by e-mail:; reporting
original, unpublished research results in Computer Related Studies by January 15th, 2013 Februay 28 2013. All accepted papers will be
printed in the conference proceeding and candidate for publication in specific International journals related to corresponding research
areas. ICIIS 2013 will have a poster session for which we will also accept late submissions; such late poster papers will be included in a
special proceeding, and also candidate for journal publication.
ICIIS 2013 invites original contributions on all Computer Applications Technology, including, but not limited to:
 Adaptive and Interactive Interfaces
 Advanced Correlation Algorithms
 Agile Software Development
 Applications of Artificial Intelligence
Program Chairs
 Applications of Expert Systems
Marc Jansen
 Applications of Fuzzy Logic and Neural Network
University of Applied Sciences Ruhr West,
 Artificial Intelligence and Decision Support Systems
Senouci Mohamed
 Bayesian Networks
University of Oran, Algeria
 Bioinformatics
 Business Processes Re-engineering Security, Freedom and
Organization Chairs
Nejmeddine Tagoug
King Saud University, KSA
 Case Studies and Empirical Studies
Noboru Niki
 CASE Tools for System Development
University of Tokushima, Japan
 Case-Based Reasoning Systems
 Context-Oriented Information Retrieval and Processing
Conference Coordinator
 Coordination in Multi-Agent Systems
Moshira Ali
 Coupling and Integrating Heterogeneous Data Sources
Dar Al-Uloom University, KSA
 Data Mining & Data Warehouses
 Database Security and Transaction Support
Local Organizing Committee
 Databases and Information Systems
Habib Sammouda
 Defining and Documenting Software Processes
University of Sousse, Tunisia.
 Design Methodology and Cognitive Factors in Design
Faisal Mili
 Distributed Database Applications
Faculty of Management and
 Distributed Software Development
Economic Sciences, 5100 Mahdia,
 Document Analysis
 Enterprise Resource Planning
 Enterprise-Wide Client-Server Architecture
Conference Venue:
 Evolutionary Programming
El Mouradi Palm Marina Hotel 5*,
 Functional and Non-Functional Requirements
Port El Kantaoui, Sousse, Tunisia.
 Group Decision Support Systems
 HCI on Enterprise Information Systems
 Human Factors
 Human-Computer Interaction
 Industrial Applications of Artificial Intelligence
 Information Engineering Methodologies
 Information Systems Analysis and Specification
 Information Retrieval
 Integration Tools
 Intelligence Applications
 Intelligent Agents
 Intelligent Social Agents and Distributed Artificial
 Intelligent Systems and Applications
 Intelligent Tutoring Systems

Conference Chairs
Rachid Sammouda
King Saud University, Saudi Arabia

Intelligent User Interfaces
Internet HCI: Web Interfaces and Usability
IT Management & Development
Knowledge and Semantic Transformations
Knowledge Discovery & Data Mining
Knowledge Management
Knowledge-based Recognition
Knowledge-based Systems Engineering
Legacy Systems
Middleware Integration
Mobile Databases
Mobile Network Security
Model-Driven Software Engineering
Modeling Concepts and Information
Modeling Formalisms, Languages, and Notations
Modeling of Distributed Systems
Models of Software Behavior
Multimedia Database Applications
Multimedia Systems
Natural Language Interfaces to Intelligent
Object-Oriented Database Systems
Ontology Engineering
Organizational Issues on Systems Integration
Organizational Semiotics
Processing of Distributed Geospatial Data
Requirements Analysis
Semiotics in Computing
Service Oriented IS Engineering
Service-Oriented Architectures
Software Architecture and Design
Software Engineering
Software Measurement
Steganography Technology
Strategic Decision Support Systems
Supply-Chain Management
Support Service Engineering
Systems Engineering Methodologies
Systems Development and Evaluation
Telematics and Middleware Platforms
Ubiquitous Services, Anticipative Systems
Unmanned Systems, Robotics
Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

Special Session on:
Applied Economy and Simulation

Paper / Abstract submission: February
Early Registration : March 5, 2013

28, 2013


N & N Global Technology, Tunisia
Dar Al Uloom University, KSA
Future Technologies & Innovations, Tunisia

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