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Cancer Support France Sud de France
We offer a wide range of support to English speakers
affected by cancer

Come to the Limoux
Support Group
10h30 to 12h30, 1st Wednesday of every month
Espace des Fecos, (next to the Tourist Information Office)
Avenue du Pont de France, Limoux
(Easy access on the ground floor, parking outside)

People affected by cancer, their carers, family and friends, and those affected by
bereavement, are welcome to drop in and see us at the CSF Support Group. Trained CSF
volunteers will be available to offer you a warm welcome over coffee and cake, within a
confidential environment. A range of information is available, together with the
opportunity to participate in a creative art workshop and buy second hand books.
For more information on the Support Group
telephone Chrissie on 04 68 31 18 13 or Vicky on 04 68 24 07 62

Local helpline: 04 68 69 01 37
Email: helplinecsfsud@gmail.com; National Website: www.cancersupportfrance.info
Forum: http://csf.forum.org Local Website: www.csf-suddefrance.webs.com
Local Association No : W112000594

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