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The competition enrolling period is 28.02.2013- 01.04.2013
All private persons may enroll to the competition except for the organizers and their family
All the contestants must be over the age of 16 or turn 16 by 24.04.2013
Be@ts is a solo DJ competition
One entry per contestant
The maximum length of the mixtape is ten (10) minutes
The form of the mixtape must be 192 kbps mp3
The contestants must make the mixtapes themselves, therefore using sequence software
such as Ableton is forbidden
The contestants may use DJ softwares e.g. Traktor or Seratone
The mixtape should be sent in digital form to by 1.04.2013


Competition judges choose 15 semifinalists to the online voting stage. Be@ts Project Team
together with the competition judges select three (3) finalists to the finals while the
audience selects three (3) as well
The winner will be chosen by competition judges on 24.04.2013 at Club Escape
The six (6) finalists commit to play in Club Escape on 24.04.2013
The finalists will be given a predetermined song before the finals that they must include in
their performance
The contestants must own the rights to their music, e.g. have a DJ license issued by Gramex
One cannot argue about the decisions
Be@ts reserves the right to change the terms
The participants agree to the rules and the terms of the competition
The contestants’ personal data will not be passed on to any third party
The chosen (6) finalist will be notified personally by email


Playing technique
Including the audience in the performance

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