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In the framework of the project:
Youth in EU and China: Working Together to Common Challenges
(November 2011 - November 2013)
coordinated by EstYES and
Co-funded by the EACEA, Youth in Action Programme, Action 3.2 Youth in the World
and the Guanghua Foundation
We are offering 16 stays in the following organisations in Europe and Asia:
From Asian organisations you may go to
Estyes (Estonia)
Allianssi (Finland)
Deineta (Lithuania)
Concordia (France)
FIYE (Poland)
Cyprus Youth Council (Cyprus)
Genctur (Turkey)
Xchange Scotland (UK)

From European organisations you may go to
CEYEA (Beijing)
China Guanghua Foundation (Beijing)
SICA (Wuhan)
China University Media Union (Beijing)
Voltra (Hong Kong)
Volunteers for Peace Vietnam (Vietnam)
KYSD (Cambodia)
Anhui Youth Federation (Anhui)

Dates: The participant is supposed to leave at a negotiable date (not earlier than 15 February
and not later than 10 April 2013) and spend 3 months in the host organisation

Main tasks:

Attend a pre-departure training before being sent to the host organisation
Spend 3 months in the host organisation (complete description of the tasks is below)
Attend the evaluation seminar that will be organised at the end of their stay
Receive a training on event management and organisation, as well as online
support/training from EstYES for the whole length of the project. This will be needed in
order to enable participants to prepare activities at the local level once back to their
home country
Remain active in the sending organisation after returning

This will entail:
• organise two training sessions for local volunteers
• share experience and material with local volunteers
• attend the final evaluation seminar (November 2013)

NB: In the course of your stay you will have the possibility to join other local
activities (trainings, visits to projects, events)

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Financial conditions
NB Financial conditions might slightly change due to budget constraints
We will reimbourse (up to 700 Euro) 80% of the costs for:
• travel (to and from the chosen destination
• travel insurance
• visa costs
We will provide you with:
• Accommodation (in a shared flat or in a local family)
• Food will be provided and local costs will be covered by the host organisation
Deadline for applications is 23 of January 2013
NB We will not accept applications from individual applicants. Interested applicants should
contact our partner in their country (check list on page 1) and apply through a sending
Applications should contain: 1) a short CV; 2) a motivation letter; applicants should also
indicate in which organisation they would like to be hosted
They should be sent to
(cc to: 1) the sending organisation; 2) 3)

Specification of tasks
Each participant will spend 3 months in one of the partner organisations (in Europe for Asians
and in Asia for Europeans). Main tasks during their stay will be:

Study: conduct a study on youth and unemployment and the role of voluntary service in
fighting youth unemployment (case studies, when and how this was useful?). They will
connect with all the other participants and create a e-group, a facebook group and
share their findings while in the field
Learning: they will participate in activities of the host organisation so to understand and
learn how the organisation works. They will have to learn to bring this experience back
to their home organisation
Interact: with local young people, organise two cultural days in which present their
national culture, make their culture attractive and attract local participants
Attend the evaluation and training event at the end of their stay (in Asia or Europe) so
to discuss all good and bad things of the experience and prepare all together for the
next step (act locally)

After this event each participant will go back to their home place and will have to design,
develop and implement two local versions of the academy of non-formal education in 4
months. Each academy will consist of 4 meetings (lasting 2 days) distributed over 2 months. It
will be up to each participant organisation to decide, together with its volunteers, how to
distribute those activities through the 2 months (depending on national and religious holidays,
availability of the target group, internal practical issues etc.). For the academy 20 local
volunteers will be selected and will have to attend the four activities. They will receive a
certificate upon successful completion of the course.

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Aperçu du document Call for participants EU China long term-1.pdf - page 2/2

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