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Africa and Middle East Refugee Assistance - Egypt

PROTECT Refugees in Egypt

Human Rights Watch says
AMERA plays a crucial role in protecting the rights of
refugees, asylum seekers and migrants in Egypt. The
expertise, courage and determination of their staff has
meant that we at Human Rights Watch have come to rely
on them as leaders in this field. There is no other
organization that is doing what AMERA has been doing,
and the loss of AMERA in Egypt would have disastrous
consequences for the protection of the rights of refugees,
asylum seekers and victims of trafficking.
Heba Morayef,
HRW, Egypt Director, Middle East and North Africa Division

AMERA is a human rights organization that provides free legal, social and mental health services to the
hundreds of thousands of refugees in Egypt. For the last ten years, AMERA has tirelessly served people
who have fled their home countries due to persecution, conflict, torture, trafficking, violence and
terror. We work with refugees (mostly from Syria, Somalia, Sudan, Ethiopia and Eritrea) to rebuild their
lives and provide safety to their families. If you would like to know more about our work, please go to:

TODAY, AMERA is threatened with imminent closure due to a lack of funding. Without us,
thousands of refugees will be left without access to essential services that protect their rights.

Founded in 2003, AMERA continues to be the first and only organization in Egypt to provide legal, social
and mental health services to refugees under one roof. This holistic approach, coupled with the
collective expertise of our staff, enables us to quickly identify individual and community needs. In this
way, we provide essential services in a safe space, treating refugees with dignity and respect.
AMERA is the ONLY organization in Egypt
that offers:
• Legal advice and representation before the
UNHCR, increasing their chances of protection from
return to their home countries
• Direct resettlement referrals to foreign embassies
for the most vulnerable refugees in Egypt
• Specialized assistance for children who have fled
persecution without their parents, including victims
of trafficking, who rely on AMERA for access to
protection, education, healthcare and other basic
• Advocacy for refugees in indefinite and arbitrary
• Community outreach programs, headed by
refugee staff, to raise awareness and empower
refugee communities, pioneering an emergency
outreach response to the massive Syrian refugee
influx since 2012
• A dedicated team working with survivors of
sexual and gender based violence to help them
access a full spectrum of medical, social, legal, and
psychological services

AMERA - Egypt has 64 paid staff, half of whom are refugees, in addition to 27 Egyptian, international and refugee volunteers

AMERA in Numbers

1537 refugees provided with services in the
last two months
3400+ refugees provided with community
outreach services in the last 12 months, of
whom 1200 are Syrians
15% of our clients are under 21 years old (not
including family dependents), half are
30% are survivors of torture
72% of our clients receive more than one
service at AMERA

AMERA helps the survivors of Sinai’s ‘torture camps’:
Every year, hundreds of refugees from Eritrea and
Ethiopia are trafficked to the Sinai region of Egypt.
There, they are held in ‘torture camps’ and subjected to
horrific physical, sexual and psychological torture in
order to extort money from their families in their home
country and abroad. In the past 12 months AMERA has
provided advice, representation and care to over 100
survivors of Sinai’s torture camps. For more information
on this practice see a BBC World Service program,
‘Escape from Sinai’.

We are in URGENT need of immediate funding to continue serving our clients.

For every £2.25 donated, staffing costs are covered for each refugee provided with psychosocial support.
For every £2 donated, staffing costs are covered for each refugee accessing legal services.*

Any size donation will make a difference to a life today!
You can make a donation towards the work of AMERA Egypt by giving to AMERA UK, a registered UK
charity (Charity Number: 1098788, Company Ltd by Guarantee: 4644642)
Please donate with JustGiving or PayPal by clicking the links below:

From the UK: you can also donate to AMERA by texting AMER01£ (and the amount you wish to donate) to
If you are a UK Tax Payer, please visit our website to learn about maximizing your gift at no additional cost.
If you would like to make a donation of £1,000 or more, we’d be happy to discuss with you the intended focus
of your donation. Please feel free to contact us at
Thank you,
* Based on figures from 15/01/2013-15/03/2013

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