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May 13, 2013
3-15 month internships
Do you want an adventure in the USA?
Do you want to gain experience in a fun educational environment?
Do you want to work with teachers from all over the world?
If “yes to all”, then join the Language Stars Team!

Language Stars, the leading provider of early childhood foreign language education, is a rapidly growing educational
organization that offers play-based, full immersion foreign language programs in Spanish, French, German, Italian and
Mandarin Chinese for children ages 1-10. We currently teach 9,000 students each week, helping them move toward
proficiency in a foreign language, build cognitive skills and have fun at the same time! Our dynamic, native-speaking
and near-native speaking teachers immerse our students 100% in the target language through our FunImmersion®
curriculum, comprised of games, music & movement, art projects and many other engaging activities. We focus on a
young child's "Window of Opportunity" to absorb a foreign language naturally, and we track the progress of each
We offer our FunImmersion® programs in 21 Language Stars language centers, and over 100 public and private
schools in the Chicago and Washington D.C. metropolitan areas and will continue to expand into new markets.
Language Stars is seeking dynamic, self-motivated individuals to teach Spanish, French, German, Italian and
Mandarin Chinese.
We seek Activity Leaders and Teachers who:

Are looking to gain experience sharing their language and culture

Love working with children and foreign languages

Enjoy a faced-paced working environment


Completing our paid training program
Teaching FunImmersion® programs in Language Stars centers.

You will follow our curriculum of structured activities supported by materials, session plans & training
provided by Language Stars.
Leading activities at public events organized by Language Stars in our local communities (e.g., library story•
times, performances, children’s fairs, holiday parades)

Smiling, having fun, working hard, and achieving educational results
To be successful in this position, candidates must:

Be a native French speaker
Have strong communication skills

Be able to work successfully with an international team
Be open to taking and implementing performance feedback

Have a shared passion for working with children and achieving Language Stars mission

Be a roll up your sleeves team player
Schedules, compensation and benefits:

4-5 days per week (e.g., 3-4 weekdays and 1-2 weekend days), from approximately 8:30 am – 5:45
pm in multiple Language Stars locations
$23,000 - $29,000 per year salary:

Minimum (80% - equivalent of 4 days per week)
Salary: $22,400 per year
Bonus: $800 at the end of the year
Maximum (100% - equivalent of 5 days per week)
Salary: $28,000 per year
Bonus: $1,000 at the end of the year

Optional health, dental and/or vision insurance

Paid sick and vacation days and holidays


Extensive paid training to become Language Stars certified
Help your future:
Earn a Language Stars certificate
Obtain letters of recommendation and great referrals to reflect strong performance

Please visit for more information about our team and mission!
To apply:

Please email your resume and cover letter to
Place in the subject of your application email: FRENCH TEACHER – YOUR NAME

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