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Ribbon Rose Key Ring


Raspberry Ripple cardstock

- 1" circle; 1 ¼" scallop circle

• Whisper White cardstock

- 1" circle

• Raspberry Ripple Ribbon

- 10" piece; 12 @ 1 ¼"

• Gumball Green Ribbon

- Two @ 5"

• Stamp Set

- A Fitting Occasion

• Ink pads

- Raspberry Ripple; Gumball Green

• Punches

- 1" circle; 1 ¼" scallop circle

• Accessories

- Jumbo Sticky rounds; Split ring

A video tutorial is available for this project here:

Use mini glue dots to fold all twelve 1¼" pieces of Raspberry Ripple ribbon in half to form loops.
Cut a jumbo sticky round into quarters and cut a 1" circle from each of two quarters. Use one of the
sticky round circle to adhere 6 loops evenly around the edge, place another 1" sticky round on the top
of these and then position the remaining 6 loops to fill in the ‘gaps’ in the first layer. Place another
quarter of a sticky round onto the 1" circle of Raspberry Ripple cardstock. Tie a knot in one end of
the 10" piece of Raspberry Ripple and attach this to the center of the round. Attach the length of
ribbon to the circle by twisting as you work around the circle. Place the final quarter of sticky round
to the back of the ‘twisted rose’ centre piece and then attach on top of the loop sections.
Finish by cutting one of the 5 pieces of Gumball Green ribbon in half to make two ‘leaves and attach
to the back of the flower. Thread the split ring through the remaining length of Gunball Green
ribbon, double over and attach to the back. Stamp the ‘made for you’ and the butterfly image onto
the white 1 circle, attach to the scallop circle and use to cover up the back of the key ring.                  

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