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Rennes 2 / Smart Guide for foreign students / 2012-2013

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Edito Taking your car ? What for ?

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Welcoming foreign students Rennes a good place to study
Studies in Rennes II

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Rennes by Day

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Rennes by Night

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Culture and specialty in Brittany

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- - - - - - - - - Cultural activities in Rennes II
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Events in Rennes


ear student,
You are here in the area of Rennes. We are very pleased to greet you and let you know this newsletter. It will
inform you on all subjects you might need about the university and thus give you all reasons to like “Rennes city”.

Our journalist team has analysed every part of the city so you might go outside for a great night. It will guide you
in your French trip, and present you all you can do in Rennes as well as in the university.
Through our newsletter, The Big Brittany, we invite you to discover all different courses offered by universities, and even
However you’ve got to know some basic thing about Rennes which is indeed a mysterious city having a beautiful
story and keeping a lot of secrets that you’ll discover during your entire journey . . .
Allow us to take this opportunity to welcome you in this beloved land of Brittany, and wish you a happy trip. Be it
as rewarding as possible. But don’t forget your umbrella for as we can say in Brittany: it’s only raining several times in
a day apart that the sun is always shining.
Ombeline et Léa


Oh my God ! It’s a double Rennesbow !

The Team


Here come the Rennes.

Welcoming foreign students


0 000 foreign students have come to Rennes II this years. Rennes II University has created some organizations
which help the new foreign students. We talk about the CIREFE and The International Relations Department.
The CIREFE is a center where foreign students can learn French. This organization offers different ways to practice French :
For foreign students no to want to learn or to improve their level in French, biannual classes are set up. These classes
allow students in Rennes. The CIREFE offers language lessons for all the foreign student who are registered at school in
Rennes. Summer classes in july during 3 weeks and cultural activities are available for foreign students and teachers.
An integration and orientation week is organized by the International Relations Department on the Villejean’s
Campus. Rennes II with this department offers newly arrived students several activities. This is an example of the activities proposed in the Welcoming programme of this year.
First of all there are many activities on the Villejean’s
Campus : Firstly a meeting between the newly students and there students mentors, often they are student who have
already done a foreign exchange with a university in another country. Then, the foreign students are follow in the university residence who they live since there exchange. Finally, during the first week, a library visit, the Campus radio visit,
the Campus restaurant visit and many meetings of informations are organized . Other activities outside the Villejean’s
Campus are proposed with, of course, the visit of the city, but also the visit of the important monument in Britain with
for example the “Mont Saint Michel”, or Saint Malo who is a particular mediavel town…
To some additional information :

Batiment E / Campus Villejean
Open to Monday to Wenesday, 9 a.m to 11:30 a.m / 14 p.m to 16 p.m
Phone : 02 99 14 13 11
E-mail :

International Relation Department
Phone : 02 99 14 10 92
E-mail :
Lisa & Marion S.


Rennes II University, morning - Thy, Creative Commons

God bless the Kouign.

Rennes by Day


nterested in visiting Rennes during the day ? The city offers various activities : museums, beautiful gardens, and many
more activities.
If you want to extend your personal culture, you can visit « Les Champs Libres ». Located in the downtown of Rennes,
the heart of this cultural project is made up of a library, a space dedicated to science and The Bretagne Museum.
Another museum of the city : « Le musée des Beaux-Arts » which features great names of painting like Picasso, Chardin,
Rubens, … Moreover, for History lovers, it’s possible to discover « Le Parlement de Bretagne », a beautiful building built
in the XVII° century. It was the Parliament of Bretagne up to february 1790.
But, if you love nature and outside walks, Rennes offers various parks and gardens to change your ideas. Since the
XV° century, walks and gardens emphasize the city of Rennes. The luxuriant gardens and parks offer informative walks,
leisure and relaxation sites.
In the end, the city owns 811 hectares of green spaces, of which 48% are parks, leisure bases and sports walks.
First, the closest park of Rennes 2 university is the Villejean’s park : five hectares with activities, games, health walks
and sport’s equipment. Then, the hugest park of the city : Gayeulles park extend by various ways the possibility to join
Rennes’s forest. It‘s better than passing by the road!
Finally, Brequigny park. It is located in the old style property of Brequigny’s castle.

You want to enjoy yourself with your friends ? The city is overflowed by various sites. You will gauge the potential of
leisure in Rennes thanks to equipment but also with its important facilities : cinemas, swimming pools, ice rinks, bowling,
golf and also the great football stadium of Rennes. To make sure you don‘t get bored, here is a comparative board to
make the best choice according to your expectations.
Adeline & Alice

Room’s number



G aumo nt
Esplanade Charles de
3500 - Rennes


5,30 € (week)
6,90 € (week-end)

Soon to Villejean

Cinéville Colombier
Place du Colombier
35000 - Rennes


4,50 €

29, rue d’Antrain
35000 - Rennes


6,40 €

Bowl’s number


V illej ean
1, Square d’Alsace
Tél : 02 99 59 44 83

2 bowls
1 wading pool

4,40 €

10 boulevard Albert 1er
Tél : 02 23 62 27 30

2 bowls
1 dive’s pit

4,40 €

16 avenue des Gayeulles
Tél : 02 23 62 27 40

1 bowl
1 wave’s bowl
1 relaxation space

4,40 €

Beneficial price

Discovery cinema

Soon to Villejean university

Many activities


the Far is with you, forever.

Rennes by Night


ith 52000 students, 1 resident out of 5, Rennes is the largest student city in the West of France . A student
city means a night city !
On Thursday night with a student in Rennes.

9.00 p.m : I go to friends for a typically Breton drink.
23.00 p.m : In order not to disturb neighbours go downtown where there is the famous « street of the drink » (street
St Michel) where there are 12 bars. This street is famous because atmosphere is very special: many people and alcohol!
01.00 a.m : The bars in Street St Michel’s are closed, so we go to Place des Lices to find other friends.
01.30 a.m : With friends we go to Le petit Vélo, a very nice night bar  !
03.00 a.m : The Night bars are closed too, direction night club to dance until morning ! We hesitate between Pym’s
and L’espace, we choose L’espace.
The next time, there are two other places where I would like go: the Ubu and the Etage at Liberté. These are the
main concert halls in Rennes. For example, the Ubu received huge artists as Daft Punk or Lenny Kravitz some years ago.
As for the Etage at Liberté, it’s more dedicated to current music so it’s also a great place for students.
Like every Thursday night Tony meets many people ! And foreign students are welcome at Tony’s Thursday nights !
Enjoy yourself !!!

Cécile & Tony

Rennes, Street St Michel during the day - Selby, Creative Commons


In Kouign Aman we trust.

Events in Rennes


here to have fun in Rennes, all year round !

Bored ? You don’t know what to do with yourself ? Fortunately, there is a lot to do in Rennes for you to
enjoy your time here. All through the year, various events are organised all over the city : music, cinema, theater, video
gaming, whatever you like, you will find it. Here are some (we told you, there are a lot of them!) of the most popular.
For starters, one of the most famous events, that music lovers are all looking forward to, is « Les Rencontres Trans
Musicales », a festival held every year, in early December, at the « Parc des Expositions de Rennes ». Since its creation
in 1979, its aim has always been to launch new bands. Indeed, playing at « Les Trans Musicales » is a good way for
bands to promote and truly launch themselves in the industry, we’re thinking Daft Punk, Justice... So
And while we’re on the subject of the music scene in Rennes, another festival is really important : « Rock ‘n’ Solex ».
For 40 years, it has brought together two different passions and activities : Solex and Rock Music. Organised solely
by students, it takes place on the campus of Beaulieu. For four days, the organisation is as such : Solex races the day,
and rock music at night.
For those of you who are more on the literary side, « Mythos » is the festival for you ! Gathering poetry, theater
and storytelling, it is a fun and original festival. Based in Place du Parlement, you can come under the tent to hear, see
and discover tales and plays by accomplished artists.
Another artsy festival is « Les Tombées de la Nuit ». When it takes place twice a year, first during the summer then
during the winter, you will be able to attend plays, concerts, watch short movies, animations or go to fancier events as
it was also created as a way to thank patrons of the arts for their involvement in developing artistic creativity in Rennes.
The purpose is to allow people to discover Rennes through another point of view other than work and daily routine.
Travelling and discovering new places is your kind of thing ? Well, cheaper than train and plane, and closer to
you than going hundreds of kilometers away is a 20 year-old film festival called « Travelling ». Each year, a new city
is picked as a theme for the whole festival, during which movies taking place in or related to said city will be shown,
and even other activities : last year, you could eat belgian specialties with the « Bruxelles » theme, this year, with
Edinburgh, maybe haggies will become the new it thing.
If you’re tired of blockbusters, you will probably be interested in this singular event : « Courts Métranges ». This
Festival not only introduces short fantastic movies to a wider public, but is a also a contest for newcomers in the cinema
industry who can win a prize and further exposure if their movie is picked as the best.
The Stunfest, which takes place near the university of Rennes 1,is made, not only for nerds but also for those
who like video games in general. There are great competitions and contests, added to lots of arcade machines, many
consoles (old and recent) as well as conferences and independent game creators. You will have a great time discovering or rediscovering the world of video gaming at its best.
And finally, the best for last, this one is for all the newcomers in Rennes : « Tam Tam » ! This free event is there to
guide people in a new, unknown city. Thanks to differents activities and goodies, you will learn where the important
places are as well as where to entertain yourself. You will get to know how to get around the city, where to find accomodations and a job. And this festival is also a great way, through concerts and animations, to meet new people on
your first days here !
You can never have a dull time in Rennes. Be it those big festivals or other small events at some local bars, animations on the streets, the market on Saturday morning, there is always something to do and somewhere to go to meet
new people and have fun.
Cassandre & Dorian


Holy crepe !

Taking your car ? What for ?


o need for a car here! With 60 000 students, Rennes is a particularly lively city with attractive transport prices
compared to the other big French cities. The public transport network of the city, “La star”, transports more
than 280 000 passengers every day all through the city which makes it unavoidable if you want to enjoy your
stay in Rennes for a low cost.
By bus : There are approximately 50 regular lines which are often on time and serve all parts of the city and outer
city. There are 19 urban lines in Rennes and 31 suburban lines serving the 37 towns of “Rennes Métropole” for students
who are unable to find accommodation right in the city. A lot of bus lines are adapted for people with reduced mobility
thanks to the city’s wish be a city of equality. And for young people, there is also “Star de Nuit” which allows them to
take a bus in the middle of the night on the weekends if they want to enjoy the nightlife.
By Metro/Subway : Working 7 days a week, and about 20 hours a day, the metro comes by each station every 1
to 6 minutes depending on the time of day. Built in 2002, it’s relatively modern and clean compared with subways
that can be found in other cities. It serves 15 stations (including one next to Campus “Villejean University”) which allows
passengers to move through the city faster than on the bus.
Bus and metro costs : When you are a student and don’t want to use your car in the city, the cheapest way to enjoy
this public transport system is to get a “Korrigo Card” at a “La Star” store. It is about 30 euros a month (and even less
expensive if you buy for the whole year at once) and will allow you to use the bus and subway as many times as you
wish. If it is merely used to visit the city, one ticket (1 hour) is 1.40 euros, 10 tickets cost 12.20 euros and a day ticket
is only 3.70 euros !
By bicycle : In addition, “La star” can provide the commuters who wish to use it with a bicycle sharing service. With
900 bicycles available 24/7 in 83 stations all over Rennes, you will never be left stranded. When you have a subscription (20 to 30 euros a year), the first 30 minutes of use are free, time over that limit is then charged on your account.
If you don’t have one, 24 hours of use cost 1 euro, while a week will set you back 5 euros. This is a good way to keep
in shape while visiting Rennes.
By taxis : In dire needs, there is also a taxi service with a station at SNCF train station, which can be useful for students who need to be picked up after just arriving by train in Rennes.
On foot : If you’re still not impressed with the quality of public transportation of the city, walking is also a good
option. It the most practical way to discover Rennes and to appreciate its high quality architecture. Many streets are
entirely reserved for walkers and they have the opportunity to cross the city center just on foot. And because Rennes
is not such a big city, it is entirely possible to only visit it on foot even if you’re not really a sporty person.
More information can be found on :
Marie & Sabrina


It’s Rennes cats and dog.

Rennes, a good place to study


ennes is the seventh biggest student city in France. Rennes is a very pleasant and festive city. The reason is the
very wide choice of courses proposed. Indeed, the city of Rennes is made up of several campuses, each presents
different courses.
The main campus of Rennes, Campus of Beaulieu or Rennes1, welcomes students from the first year of higher education to doctorate. In addition to the wide variety of degrees, professional degrees, masters and professional masters, it
delivers three degrees in health like medicine, pharmacy, dentistry, two engineering degrees, and prepares teaching
diplomas. Finally, it includes four “IUT” (Lannion, Rennes, Saint-Brieuc, Saint-Malo) that deliver 11 secondary and 4 DUT
tertiary sector degrees. The university is specialized in “human sciences” (law, philosophy, management, economy) and
subjects of so-called “hard sciences” (mathematics, physics, chemistry, medicine, pharmacy, dentistry, biology, computer science). About 25000 students are taught those subjects on this campus.
The city of Rennes is also composed of other campuses. Ker Lann is a campus located about ten kilometers south-west of Rennes, in the city of Bruz (Brittany, Ille-et-Vilaine). It is a mixed campus on which coexist companies, public
and private school and training centers. There is also all the city center with the school of Business of Rennes (opposite
ICC), Management Institute of Rennes, the Regional School of Fine Arts, the National School of Architecture in Britain
or the Professional School of the Arts Hairdressing.
Therefore, Rennes is a city which offers a wide range of training and where it is good to study.
Jezabel & Flavy

Studies in Rennes II


ince its foundation in 1969, the Rennes II University has become well-known for social studies. With many courses
such as language, theatre and cinema studies, information and communication, as well as several research
groups, Rennes II is one of the centre of social studies in France.

One of the biggest departments of studies in this university is information and communication. Opened in 2009,
the information and communication department claims a theoretical approach of our society. This degree is very important as it takes place during the expansion of new communication technologies. This degree is therefore made to
train people who want to work in this field. With respectively about 800 first-year students and 500 second-year
students, information and communication is among the most popular courses, which is why there often some problems
of organisation in these departments of studies, as well as in other departments in Rennes II.
Of course, there are many other interesting courses in Rennes II but our newsletter is tiny, very tiny so we won’t
able to tell you about them this time. Our choice was biased because we are currently studying in this department, but
nevertheless, don’t forget all the other courses available on the campus. It is up to you to discover them by going to
their allotted buildings! There are many more indeed, such as (but not limited to) athletic studies, literature, geography
and history, archaeology, education and teacher studies and even some mathematical studies. But make no mistake,
east of the campus, even though it seems to be part of Rennes II, all the buildings allotted to medical students are part
of Rennes I, not Rennes II.
Stéphane & François


Purple Rennes.

Culture and specialty in Brittany
Rennes is a vibrant metropolis of research and innovation :
This City has one foot in the past and one in the future, with traces of the medieval world present all throughout
its streets, especially with the old buildings in the city center, and the modern world with new buildings being built all
around town. It is very much a 20th century city, but with a distinct taste of old.
The town is known as a city with multiple cultural locations. It is known nationally and internationally as an emblematic figure of Brittany. Closer to the mainland than Brest in the Finistère, Breton culture has really deep roots in the
cultural life of Rennes nonetheless.
These roots are shown with the diversity of cultural activities present in the city : Museums, the Opera, art galleries,
theaters, libraries and festivals of international renown. Even though it is considered a small city, Rennes doesn’t have
to be shy compared to other French cities on a cultural level.
Moreover, with more than 60,000 students, the town is ranked first place in the top university cities of the west of
France and is eighth on a national level. Its youth are what contributes to the city being one of the most dynamic cities
in the country, they help to boost the region by having a new take on old traditions, in all fields of culture.

You can’t talk about Rennes and Brittany without talking about food specialties and music :
In Rennes, we have the famous “galettes saucisses”, which are traditionally eaten in Marché Sainte-Anne on saturday mornings as well as at football games in the Stade Rennais. Breton “crèpes” are also a famous dish of ours, thinner
than pancakes and often eaten with jams, a tiny bit of sugar or, most deliciously, with caramel made from salted butter,
this specialty is now enjoyed all across the country. While we’re talking about all things sugary, two pastries you can’t
overlook during your stay are “Kouign-amann” (cake-butter), a highly caloric cake, and “Far Breton”, some kind of flanstyle custard with prunes.
We also have drinks. For example, Chouchen, which is an alcoholic beverage made from fermented honey and
Cidre, made from fermented apples, are popular and often drank at traditional Breton music festivals called “FestNoz”. There, you can listen to traditional music played live with bagpipes and dance the night away on the tunes of
famous Breton bands such as Tri Yan, Manau or Alan Stivell. To enjoy that kind of music, one of the most famous festivals
is “Interceltic Festival” in Lorient in July.
Finally, what better way to show the identity of Brittany than its flag : The Breton flag, called Gwenn Ha du (meaning
literally : “White and Black”) is made up of nine black and white horizontal stripes that represent historical dioceses of
Brittany while the ermines on the top left represent the arms of the duchy of Brittany. It was created in 1923 and can
often be seen in a lot of places in the region, such as in town halls or on private properties, showing that while a part
of France, Brittany and its inhabitants still feel they also have a unique identity.
Kévin& Anthony


This is the Rennes... This is the end my only friend...

Cultural activities in Rennes II
F OLLO W US ON 8 8 . 4 . FM


ne of the qualities (yeah, there are qualities) of Rennes II is its cultural dynamism. Amongst
conferences, concerts, exhibitions and festivals, students don’t have time to get bored ! The
associative life is also very rich. Indeed, with its about 50 student associations, Rennes II is
one of the French universities which counts the largest number of student associations. Since 2005,
and the inauguration of the Erève building, they have their own area dedicated to their activities. So,
many associations are present on the campus. National as Genepi, or more local, they are focused
on projects unwiding inside (as outside) of the campus.
Furthermore, many festivals give rhythm to the campus life. Most are
Did you know ?
developed by students and cover a big variety of domains. Some evolve
To stay informed, you can get and develop outside the walls of the university up to be independant,
yourselves the cultural proas the festival Electroni(k), latest example. In another register, we have
gram which includes all the
demonstrations which take the K-Barré festival which serves as an area of scenic creation. Rennes II
place at Rennes II.
also welcomes other city events thanks to its equipments as the Tambour
You can find it in the Tambour, auditorium.
the hall of the B building, the
cafeteria of the L building and
the Erève building).
Come on, make it snappy !

Now that we described you all the cultural activities in Rennes 2, we are going
to present you the “BDE” (student union) as well as its organization and the felt of its

Students unions are associations of students of the same university or school. They take care of the organization of
extra-curricular activities such as student parties, welcoming new students, and various activities ranging from sporting
events to cultural events. In Rennes 2, there are numerous students unions like “ Com’on Villejean” which is the biggest
one and represents the communication course.
We interviewed some students of it about their organization and motivations to integrate this kind of student union.
For most of them, their motivations are to acquire a professional experience and meet a lot of people. For example
Camille said : “I found it interesting to organize events for students. More like we are in communication, I think this is one
of the best ways to do a little experiment”. Afterwards, their main goals are to please students and to carry out various
projects. The internal organization of the association is very precise. Indeed, there is a President, a vice-president, a
treasurer, and a secretary.
All members of these students unions can ensure a good atmosphere in the faculty and students meet.
Marion & Enya


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