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of the Eternal, your God.
In this place there was a bench. He bade me to
sit down. Looking for a book, I saw it on a table, where
it was set. He took it and said to me: “It is your
I saw written on it: “The Holy Bible”. He said:
“Let us read together in the book of Paul to the
Romans, Chapter 2, verses 12, 13:”
“All those who have sinned without the law
will also perish without the law. And all those who
have sinned with the law will be judged by the law.
For it is not the hearers of the law who are
righteous before God, but those who put it into
practice that are justified.”
The Lord said to me that his work as advocate
for the world is terminated.
Brother Roy Lemke, Jesus said to me that you
should have made books with compilations like the
writings of Ellen White.
He stood up and said to me: “Follow me. Come
near.” He took me toward a great shelf where were
gathered the books of Ellen White. Below it, he
showed me where the royal-blue robe, the golden belt,
and the golden bells were arranged.
The Lord drew my attention on two (2) books
whose covers were white. He said to me: “These two
books are the beginnings of the ‘Dreams and
Visions’.” They were arranged at the end of Sister
White’s books. I saw that all that was neatly arranged.
I saw the budded rod, but I did not see any
bread. Jesus said to me that he left it upon the table,
and that no one has the right to eat these breads.

Dreams and Visions No. 358:3

Again, he said to me to sit very close to him, and
gave me the explanation of the four (4) years revealed
in Dreams and Visions.
Jesus reminded me that this prophecy was given
to me when he was in the presence of Moses.
These FOUR YEARS are terminated. This
prophecy is terminated. There are no more four years
announced. There is no more time, NO MORE
TIME. This time of four years announced is past.
There is no more time.
He explained to me that the Sunday law is near
at hand. I can still hear his very words, “It is imminent! The beast, the false prophet and the dragon
are on the point of combining their force so that the
earth become a Babylon empire.”
Jesus said to me: “Look no more for these
four years. We must be ready for the great
combat of the Eternal.”
“Now we must be ready, for the bridegroom
is ready. He comes back soon from the wedding.

THE END IS IMMINENT.” Such were the words
of the Lord. The great tribulation is approaching.
He said to me, “Now, you must bear this
message at the Church of Philadelphia, the ‘remnant’. I am going to leave you to continue my mediation near to my father for the ‘remnant’ of Philadelphia.” He stood up and said to me, “Follow me.”
I saw him resuming his work of mediation. I was
looking at him. How I loved him! How beautiful he is,
my beloved, how magnificent his smile!
This time, Jesus no longer had this weight of
vesture with the bells upon his body. I saw him moving, this time, with ease, as if happy, joyful to be freed,
and to have fulfilled his task, and no more having this
weight to bear upon his body.
I saw him. He again said to me, “Come near,
but not into the most holy place.”
I was close, but trembling. Smoke was ascending in the most holy place. As by love for me and by
grace, he opened my nostrils, and a sweet smell was
coming to my nose.
This smoke was a fragrant smell, that did a lot
of good to me. I saw how he was giving himself to this
mediation. I was happy to see him balancing this fuming and fragrant censer.
Being very close to him, this time he said to me,
“I come! There is no more prophecy concerning the
four (4) years revealed. There is no more time.
THE END IS IMMINENT. The great combat of
the Eternal is near at hand. Be ready! Pray, pray!
I come! Be faithful!”
Remaining still a moment by his sides, I saw
Jesus putting his censer down. And I heard a song,
TRIOS, in the holy place, that was resounding very
loud. We were listening to it, and I recognized this
hymn that I sing often, Hymn No. 519:
Yes, your love is a sublime love,
It is higher than the highest summit,
It is deep as the azure of the heavens.
What am I, O God, to search the mysterious
abyss of it.
The song of the TRIOS was about to get to the
second stanza, when Jesus charged the angel to bring
me back. And I lost the vision.
With Jesus I am well. The things of the earth, I
did not know them anymore. All that was erased from
my memory. I had the impression of having EVER
known him.
I say to my beloved brothers and sisters: “Hold
on! Jesus comes! Let us be ready, and let us pray,
for soon the master is coming.” (French Hymn 538 to
be translated.)
Maranatha! Jesus COMES!

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