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–– APRIL 2013 ––
At long last, the semester is
ending. Well, at long last for
some people. Some others are
not that much in a hurry to
see it ending, not because
they like the classes although some classes are
pretty much fun - nor because
they don’t know what they
could possibly do during their
five-month-long holidays. But
simply because they are a
little depressed by all the
“ending” part, fun shouldn’t
end, ever. Or because they
don’t know what on Earth
they will be doing next year.
One reason or the other or
But let’s not talk only about
the end of the academic year,
ours isn’t ending just yet.
There is still many things we
have planned for this month
and the next, the one after
that, we are not sure, maybe
or maybe not, we’ll see if
your nice or naughty before
we make a decision - naughty
is nice, by the way. If you are
hungry there’s a recipe on the
last page as well as a
remarkably accurate depiction
of a student’s bag. There’s
through Westeros and Lille3,
if the twittering bird who
goes saying that Daenerys
Targaryen is dashing through
the faculty’s corridors is right.
Winter isn’t coming anymore,
it is here and staying and
apparently doesn’t intend to
leaving anytime soon, so keep
calm and drink tea !
Please do not litter.


When it comes to the end of a cycle, it is always
the beginning of an other.
So, the college year is almost over. The winter
is... almost over too. To celebrate the almost-end
of this academic year, and the students' return
to their respective beloved planets, I decided to
write some words, in loving memory of this
incredible year – no, it's not completely over.
But, don't you feel the sweet perfume of the
May the corridors have been frightening when
we first arrived in the basement – because the
Club Angellier is in the basement, it is a fact no
one can deny – though they also sometimes
have a sweet pancake smell, and you may meet
incredible people down those long, blue, quiet
If you don't know what to do of your free time
– I don't want to hear someone saying that we
don't have free time in first year, it only
requires not to sleep to have free time – try to
go down the stairs and you'll probably realize
that you are in some kind of science fiction
At least, with a bit of imagination, is it possible
to think so. I met the Doctor himself, down the
long pancake-scented corridors, several times.
And the only reason why I never met Dr. Frank
N. Furter is probably because it's me.
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The Month Events

This month sneak

Don’t forget that Angellier’s
Actor Studio is putting on a play
in May. More info very soon!

13th: Debate with Trinity College
in Dublin
15th - 19th: London Trip
17th: Margaret Thatcher burial



This year, we've faced the most incredible events a human
– or an alien – can face: we've developed a brand new tea
recipe, which gives students awesome psychic power to curl
swizzle sticks, those plastic thingy things that seem not to
have any interest suddenly became a source of creation and
a playful way to improve our intellectual capacities. We've
lived the end of the world. On the 21st of December 2012,
pancakes on fire crumbled on Earth. And we had to eat
them. We've managed to arrive – safe and dignified – in
the marvellous land of 2013...
And to take our exams. I can't prevent from thinking that
some would have preferred to die from pancakeholism.
Damned liver too healthy to kill us with butter. And now,
there is no doubt that we may manage to arrive to
September in such a happy mood!
To all those who, like me, are a bit depressed by the idea
of leaving our corridors and our teachers for about three
months, those months will be really short. I mean, did you
see the semester? I am sure you think it was too short. It
will be the same for the holidays. And still we have the
marvellous technological creation from the future that
permits us to stay connected with our classmates: the
For those who can't wait to leave College, believe me, the
summer holidays will be boring really soon. Every year it's
exactly the same: everyone is happy when June arrives.
And on the 15th of July, everyone gets bored. Probably
because of the hangover induced by the 14th of July.
So, I guess I only have to wish to everyone a great summer,
and to wish you a happy travel to your galaxy.
Have a nice summer break!

Ready, Set, Debate! If you don’t know
what to do during your spring break,
you can always go and support Lille3
debate team in Ireland. They won the
first round and they will need all your
support if they are going to win the
second one against Trinity College.
Stay tuned on Saturday to know who’s
the winner of the debate on

London here we go! Next week we’ll
be in London! Our long awaited
London trip has never been so close.
Even if weather forecast announce
light rain over the city it won’t
matter, we can’t do London without
rain! Are you out of your mind?
The next party we’re organizing is
going to be Legend… wait for it…
That’s pretty much all we can say
right now, ‘cause the all thing is Top
Secret Classified but you’ll be
informed in due Time, especially
since the nature of the thing is…


Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey Stuff


Happy Easter!
Here have some
chocolates. No,
you’re sure?
There pretty
good … ok. B u t
you don’t know
what you’re
missing. They’re the best
chocolates in two galaxies.
See, I knew you would want
So, when are we? Oh! Right!
Yes! April 2013! If I recall
correctly the weather was a bit
strange, well, sorry for that I
might have something to do
with it, well, I had something
to do with it… A little April
fool gone wrong… It’s all fixed

up now though. So what do we
do this month? Shall we see
the celebration of Earth Day
on the 22nd? Or shall we
celebrate the Art of Music on
the 20th? We can do both, we
can do them all, that’s the
beauty of having a Time
Machine, we can do all we
want and still be on Time for
Tea. All I ask is that we stop
Wednesday, she was a pain in
the arse but still. Then we can
go and see all of April History,
like a trip to Florida in 1513,
we could watch as Ponce De
Leon discovers Florida and
claims it for Spain, right
before going on a quest to find

the Fountain of Youth or we
could go to the last ancient era
Olympics and then jump 1.500
years forward and go to the
first of the modern Era in
1896 on the 6th. And then
maybe we could go see
Shakespeare and celebrate is
birthday any 23rd of April you
like, well, as long as he lives.
So? Shall we do all that? Well
then, allons-y!!!




Be Kind Review


“Partners In Film”

Once Upon a Time

he still had anything to prove, shows once
again what a brilliant actor he is in a very
thrilling scene that, for those who still had
doubts, shows how arses the Lannisters are - at
the exception of Tyrion, obviously. Although…
Talking about arses, as you might suspect there
is quite an handful of them in the premiere:
Joffrey and the Lannisters obviously, a
bearded crow, Theon, a new guy… Really, quite
an handful of them. And of course they do
nothing not to be arses, which wouldn’t be fun
if they weren’t ‘cause then there would no one
left to kill.
But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. What
about the main characters? What about the
Starks and Daenerys? Well, they do what the
Starks and Daenerys do, which they do like no

Winter is coming now more than ever. The
furry of the stags is theirs but weakens. We
can hear them roar at each others and at the
seven kingdoms. We witness fire flying and
blood dropping.
Game of Thrones had its series three premiere
on March, the 31st and there is but one
negative point: it was way too short! Really,
even though they did extended the duration of
an episode by ten minutes - which to be honest
we are very glad for -, it was too short.
I am going to do my best not to spoil too many
things - if there still is people that haven’t seen
it - but again the books are spoiling everything
So remember Sam? The overweighed crow?
Turns out he can run or is one hell of a lucky
boy, not that lucky if we consider that he is
stranded along with the other crows on the
wrong side of the Wall, but lucky enough to be
the centre of the opening scene right before the
opening theme and its rhythm [naaa naa
nanana naa nananaaa…] . Truth be told, I have
seen better opening scenes, I have seen worth
So there is blood and dragons (DRAGONS !!!),
and surprisingly not that much of bare flesh,
not more than thirty seconds of it actually, but
tell you what, more would have been too much,
that was one great episode. Peter Dinklage, if

one else. Robb is still going about with his
rebellion and his newly wedded wife while his
brother Jon is freezing in the North for a
redhead - which is totally understandable.
Meanwhile Sanza trusts Littlefinger and there
isn’t any news from Arya and the other two.
Oh yeah, Daenerys finds herself an army
because three dragons are not enough to take
back the Iron Throne…
All in all that was a great episode - I think I
already said that - and the second one was
great too, so we can only hope it will keep
being great up to the end of the series, which it
will… You should really read the books!




Thomas’ Recipe
You recall ever being in your kitchen and not knowing what
you could possibly eat ‘cause there’s nothing in the fridge?
Well I got a solution for you, sort of…

1 egg
½ onion
Goat cheese
Emmemtal cheese
Bayonne ham

Basically you put everything in a frying pan and let it all mix
In details, first you put the onion, until they get a nice colour
then you add bits of bread, then the egg - of course you need
to scramble the ingredients while they cook. You can add salt
and pepper and herbs. Then you add the cheese and you keep
scrambling until the cheese is melted and mixed with the rest.

Now it’s ready to be eaten (if you want you can add some
vegetables: tomatoes, green peppers, …).

Bon appétit!

If you desire to contribute
to the Angellier Times in
any way you want, send
a n
e - m a i l
t o
with your name and your
paper, picture or ad
a t t a c h e d .

Editor-in-Chief: Thomas “The Doctor” Gérard
Contributors: Sam Datri (comic strip)
Revisers: Thomas “The Doctor” Gérard
Doctor Who and The TARDIS © BBC ; Mr. Gold © ABC ; Daenerys Targaryen & Tyron Lannister © George R. R. Martin

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