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A busy time for trade fairs
Very satisfactory result from JEC EUROPE
2013 on 12,13 and 14 March.

“Noir desir” launching

On the first day, Patrick Noirclerc interviewed the French
skipper Lalou Roucayrol, who chose AXSON Technologies
as his partner to build his 15-metre ocean-going
trimaran. Based on designs by the Verdier firm, Lalou
Rocayrol decided to use resin infusion. After being
approached very early on in the project design phase,
AXSON Technologies soon got to work, supplying most of
the materials. The boat was launched on Saturday 23
March at Verdon sur Mer harbour (France).

In early May, the multihull named “Noir désir” will compete in its first regatta in the Grand Prix Guyader, and will
take on the Route du Rhum in 2014 (a well-known race in which Lalou Rocayrol has already had two podium

“ALTAIR 2”: IUT Annecy (France)

• MASTER MODEL: in collaboration with the Dutch
distributor NEDCAM, a “triptych” of a typically Dutch
boat hull was on display.
• MOULD: ALTAIR 2 is a bicycle whose master model
is made from Axson machinable boards with fairing
made of carbon fibre and Kevlar. ALTAIR 2 beat the
university world speed record in the United States,
travelling at 122km/h.

100 % electric NEOMA by LUMENEO

• PARTS PRODUCTION: Yachting and Renewable Energy
The new EPOLAM 2040 system for making large-sized
parts by infusion was on display. The system has been
approved by Germanischer Lloyd for the production of
wind turbine blades.
• PARTS ASSEMBLY: The car was the star at the 2013
While the automotive industry took centre stage this
year, the NEOMA–Roadster prototype, the 100% electric
2-seater coupé by the manufacturer LUMENEO was
exhibited on our stand. Axson adhesives are an integral
part of this flamboyant little orange gem.

AXSON France S.A.S. – BP 40444 – 95005 CERGY CEDEX FRANCE – TÉL. (+33) 1 34 40 34 60

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