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Randy Larson is a 20-year-old
man with cerebral palsy who
wants to pass the final test given
to him by an occupational
therapist. If he passes the test,
he will qualify for job training
and independent housing
assistance. If not, his parents
will be forced to put him in an

Director’s Statement
Just because a person has a disability, that doesn’t mean he or
she doesn’t have all the same kinds of desires, hopes, and
dreams as everyone else!
The main goal of the film Whole ‘Nother Level is to raise the
public’s awareness and consciousness about people living with
As a filmmaker (writer/director/producer), I was inspired by my
wife’s work as a school psychologist, testing special-needs
students in order to help provide them with the free and
appropriate education guaranteed by law.
I was also inspired by a few post-teenage disabled young men in
my building who live independently, go to school and work jobs
(with the help of government agency workers who monitor their
progress and safety).
Fascinated by their daily chatting about sports, work and
“girlfriend drama,” I wrote the screenplay for Whole ‘Nother
Level after I had the “ah-ha” moment described at the beginning
of my statement.
Rallying some other filmmakers, primarily at the Los Angeles Film
School in Hollywood, California, I developed my script into a
19:27-minute short film production for my thesis project.
My hope is that this film will, in some small way, cause people to
think of all disabled individuals as simply… people.

Bruce B. Gordon

When he moved to Los Angeles, Bruce B. Gordon transplanted
the musical and songwriting talents he learned in his hometown
of Detroit, MI very easily. After working in the band on a TV
award show, he played on recording sessions and co-wrote a
theme song for an independent feature film. Soon his creative
vision expanded to include the moving image. Bruce was one of
six college students from 500 nationwide to participate in
observational research at Columbia Pictures Studios. After
graduating from UCLA with a Bachelor’s degree in Economics, he
wrote scripts and comedy material, selling to stars such as Joan
Rivers. He also worked in Production Support at Aaron Spelling
Productions, where he studied product development processes
for network TV shows, features, MOWs and mini-series. He later
worked for an international subtitle/dubbing post-production
house and converted Warner Bros. features for iTunes streaming.
Bruce is now a director, screenwriter, producer, editor and
songwriter. He just updated his directing and cinematography
skills with the latest, state-of-the-art digital cinema techniques
and processes at The Los Angeles Film School, where he made
his RED/DSLR-camera digital thesis film entitled Whole ‘Nother
Level. He has written, directed, produced, photographed and
edited many shorts, commercials and Web corporate promo
videos. Whole ‘Nother Level is his first film at Cannes.

George Ohan

George Ohan is an accomplished independent film producer with
a b a c k g r o u n d i n M a r ke t i n g , P u b l i c Re l a t i o n s , a n d
Communications. While serving in the U.S. Army, he started his
career in the Armor branch and then became a commander of a
seven-person recruiting station in Orange County. He also
developed and implemented marketing plans and assisted with
the development of advertising campaigns for the United States
Army Recruiting Command. George is fluent in speaking
Armenian, and has trained hundreds of soldiers and civilians in
over 20 computer applications. As a graduate of The Los Angeles
Film School in Hollywood, George is familiar with both the theory
and application of film production and digital cinema techniques.
Recently, George was named one of Los Angeles’ top emerging
filmmakers by Film L.A., which is a nonprofit, public benefit
corporation that acts as the crucial link between the city of Los
Angeles and serves production companies in the communities in
which they film. George professionally produces short films,
music videos, promos, and commercials. At The Los Angeles Film
School, George serves as the Military Transition & Community
Outreach Officer. His uncanny ability to bridge the gap between
civilians and military veterans has been a part of his life’s work to
help change people’s lives.

Tony Chiu

Born in Kowloon, Hong Kong, Tony Chiu moved to Los Angeles,
CA while still a baby. Growing up, he caught the “filmmaking
bug” which has cemented his career path.
Since graduating from the prestigious University of Southern
California (USC) Film School in 1995 with a B.A. in Film
Production, Tony has worked in various capacities from assistant
cameraman, editorial assistant, and director’s assistant on major
motion pictures. He has worked with some of the top directors
and producers in Hollywood and China. Some of his feature film
and TV credits include Face/Off, Broken Arrow, Red Cliff, Mission
Impossible II, Paycheck, and The Division. With the knowledge
gained through these years of experience, he has produced,
directed, shot, and/or edited numerous short films.
Currently, he shoots industrial videos for the Motion Picture
Television Fund & other organizations such as SABEResPODER.
He and his producing partners are currently developing story
ideas for feature film projects. Tony is working on two short films
as director and developing two more short films & several
feature film ideas.

Quoizel Williams

Quoizel Williams is a production sound mixer who also edits and
does post-production sound. Originally from Milwaukee, WI, he
recently attended The Los Angeles Film School. There he learned
about the audio aspects of filmmaking, along with digital
cinematography and the current editorial processes.
Quoizel has made several short films and music videos. Due to
his imaginative and creative juxtapositions of image and sound,
Quoizel has been sought after for his sound mixing and editing
skills. His latest work includes a show aired on MTV.

Ashlee Hodor

Ashlee Hodor began her experience in the film industry while
working at the Regal Cinema theater chain in Jensen Beach, FL.
She served in the U.S. Navy before moving to Hollywood to
pursue her lifelong dream of becoming a Producer.
She graduated from The Los Angeles Film School in 2012 where
she studied Producing. She was able to make numerous short
films both during school and after graduation. Her last completed
project is a short with Shenae Grimes.
Ashlee is currently working on her Bachelor’s Degree in
Entertainment Business at The Los Angeles Film School where
she is set to graduate in early 2014. Her idols include Chuck
Lorre and Shonda Rhimes. She plans to pursue a career in the
TV series world after graduation.

Brett Emanuel

Brett Emanuel has been a stage actor throughout Chicago since
he was fourteen and later went on to study at the University of
Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.
After suffering through a physical disability of his own for four
years, resulting in a rather lengthy break from acting, he is
thrilled that upon his return to acting and move to Los Angeles,
he was provided the opportunity to partake in the telling of such
a topical story.

Achara Kirk

Achara Kirk is a Bangkok born actress of Thai and British decent.
She started her foray into show business at the tender age of 12
and appeared in numerous commercials and music videos, as
well as had leading roles in several well-known television shows
in Thailand.
Achara moved to the UK to further her acting training and gained
a B.A. in Theatre Arts from Royal Holloway, University of London
and later a Postgraduate Diploma in Professional Acting from the
prestigious Oxford School of Drama – one of the leading drama
schools in the UK. She now resides in Los Angeles where she is
pursuing her acting career.

Alain Azoulay

Performing in a record 5 films (4 shorts & 1 feature) being
screened at the 2013 Festival de Cannes, it looks to be a
breakout year for this versatile actor who’s (50+ film/TV/voice)
roles have ranged wildly from Polish Colonel Mikolai in Real
Human Being (directed by Naizheng Lang), to World News
Tonight Anchorman in Boys of Abu Ghraib (directed by Luke
Moran), and Narrator (French dialect) on Send Me To Heaven
(directed by Andrew Aidman), which have earned him a few
festival nods. Other roles include the whacked out TV Host, Dr.
Cecil in The Prescription (directed by Charles Sporns) and his
supporting role as the father of a cerebral palsy-stricken son in
Whole ‘Nother Level (directed by Bruce B. Gordon and at the
2013 Cannes Short Film Corner).
Recently, Alain was selected by Jack Black to shoot a TV pilot
standing toe-to-toe with the beloved world famous actor/
comedian and was featured on Tenacious D’s music video, also
with Jack Black – creating a real boost in Alain’s blossoming
career! Other roles have included Mob Boss in Papa Pinata
(directed by Harry Locke IV of Code 10 Productions) and Mitch
Winehouse in The Amy Winehouse Story (directed by Jason
Boritz of Regal Films.


Brett Emanuel
Achara Kirk
Skye Barnes
Alain Azoulay

Written and Directed by
Produced by
Executive Producers
Associate Producers
Director of Photography
Production Designer
1st AD
2nd Unit Director of
Production Associates

Bruce B. Gordon
Bruce B. Gordon
George Ohan
Gail Gordon
Ibrahim Adekeye
Vic Holtreman
Tony Chiu
Ashlee Hodor
Quoizel Williams
Tony Chiu
Bruce B. Gordon
Bruce B. Gordon
Xavier Ybarra
Bruce B. Gordon
Phil Eisenhower
Horatio Gordon
Gregory P. Humphries, Esq.
Elaine Barclay

Whole ‘Nother Level

a film by Bruce B. Gordon
USA Ÿ 2012 Ÿ 19:27 min


Bruce B. Gordon

Press kit: Caterina M. Rodriguez

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