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 CLAVISTER is a leading provider of mobile and network security solutions for large enterprises,
cloud service providers and telecom operators.
Our products are designed from the inside out, so not only do they offer the highest levels of protection
against the ever changing threats that networks are challenged by, but they look beautiful too. Clavister’s products are designed for ease of installation, management and maintenance on any network. The user interface is easy to use and ensures the highest levels of security are maintained
Founded in 1997, we have a long history of providing network security for some of the most mission
critical networks in the world with offices throughout the world. Our unique firewall technology is the
fastest in the world; at 560 Gbps it ensures business isn’t held up and holds a world record!
To sum up, our solutions are based on:
Good design
 Extreme performance
 Simplicity
We believe these three criteria are the key to unlocking a new dimension in mobile and network security.

SoluTek SI
Le Mercure, 200 Square de Cos – 34080 Montpellier
SIRET : 487 732 661 00029 – APE : 721Z

Tel : 0810 88 07 88
Mail :
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