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Louise Rabussier

§ Phone: (0044)79 467 658 36

19 Agricola Place, EN1 1DW ENFIELD, United Kingdom

To become Excursion Shore Manager

Grange Hotel-London

Jan 2013 — Present

-Successfully achieved a three months training
-Administer all reservations, cancellations and no-shows, in line with company policy
-Keep up to date with current promotions and hotel pricing, to provide information to guests, on request, while
maximising bedroom sales opportunities
-Develop basic skills in account and administration
-Team Player

Sri Lankan Airlines- CDG Airport

Dec 2011 — Jan 2012

-5 flights/week
-Assist the station manager
-Ensure a quality customer service
-Ensure a good communication between the company and the different subcontractors
-Work in a fast paced, international environement
-Develop skills in problems solving

Paul-Elior-CDG Airport

Oct 2009 — June 2010

Team Member
-9 months contract, full-time, staggered hours
-Work in team in a fast paced environment
-International customers
-Run the cash register (about 3000€/day)
-Prioritise the differents tasks

• I was required to write several essays each term on tourism-related topics and I consistently achieved high
• Experienced in delivering successful PowerPoint presentations at University
• Completed special training at University to defend my ideas.
Lo uis e Rab us s ie r


Problem solving
• My master degree involved an industry project course where creativity, teamwork and high commitment were
required. This was completed successfully.
• Completed special training at University to make smart goals and to solve problem
• Creative problem solving
Interpersonal skills
• Flexibility skills. I have lived, studied and worked in 3 different countries (France, United Kingdom and Austria)
• Leadership. As a leader in scouts I have developed my communication, organisations skills and self-confidence.
IT skills
• Knowledge of Windows and Windows-based programs, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Access.

Msc International Tourism Management

Sept 2010 — June 2012

University of Napier-Edinburgh
-Project Management
-Visual Culture
-Tourism Marketing
-Heritage Tourism
-Tourism Issues
-Assist to complementory training to improve my skills: solving problems, defend your ideas, how to reach your

Licence Littérature, Langue Civilisation

Sept 2006 — June 2009

La Sorbonne-Paris
-Geography of the U.S and United Kingdom
-One year as an exchange student in Graz (Austria)

Baccalauréat Littétaire

Sept 2002 — June 2005

Lycée Saint Vincent
-French baccalauréat with a focus on human sciences.
-Highest grades achieved in geography and languages

French: mother tongue
English: fluent. 7,5 in IELTS
Italian: intermediate
German: basic
First Help diploma delivered by the French Red Cross

Lo uis e Rab us s ie r


Driving Licence

-Hiking: organize hiking week end for scouts
-Roller Derby: jammer, in charge of international relation for the club, historic member
-Independant travels (China, Brasil, Cambodgia...)
-General interest for history and geography

References available upon request.

Lo uis e Rab us s ie r


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