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Bio :
Vox was born in 2010 of a meeting between Vincent, guitarist and Olympus singer.
Sam and Raj then come complete training and Felix FFF keyboards, joined the project for
2 years.
This training made ​his first EP in 2012, beautifully chronicled in Rock'N'Folk but after a
few dates rich experience (1st parts of J.Higelin, J.Hallyday, BellRays, the Sweet Vandals
Ladylike Dragons ...) the leading duo group decides to separate.
With the arrival of Melody, 24, and regenerates Vox takes advantage of the spontaneity
and a focus on group life.
The chemistry is immediate, writing is more Rock.
The group recorded a few songs and soon finds himself in the perspective of its first
album. This initiative is also supported by the City of Montpellier, which helps finance
the album.
In four months the group has written, recorded, mastered nine titles and even turned his
first clip. The environmental group widens: Pahaska Productions for administration,
stage manager Gael Monnier, Jean Charles Gorceix sound engineer, the group can also
rely on a small art collective willing to invest in the project (design , video, lights ...).
2013 is the year of the release of the album and its promotion, an opportunity for VOX
hitting the road and onto the stage.