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The ten finalists for the 2013 World Habitat Awards have been chosen from a list of over 200
projects from
across the globe. This year’s finalists illustrate a real cross-section of good practice in housing and
projects focusing on homeless people, access to clean energy and community-led service provision as
well as
restoration and sustainable living in cities.
The World Habitat Awards 2013 finalists are:
Community Management of Urban Infrastructure – Argentina
Capacity building activities and micro-credits to deliver access to the natural gas network – improving
increasing value of homes and reducing energy costs
The Struggle for Housing in Central Areas – Brazil
Fully self-managed mutual aid housing in city centre areas including training and income generation
enterprises to support low-income families
Cooperative Programme for the Development of Urban Neighbourhoods – Cameroon
Introduction of co-operative housing and participatory budgeting for affordable housing and
Building a culture of public participation in urban development
CCOC Beaver Barracks Redevelopment – Canada
Mixed use affordable and inclusive rental housing in downtown Ottawa, high performance energyefficient
building and sustainable lifestyles encouraged
Milton Park Community – Canada
Citizen mobilisation to protect residents from evictions and halt gentrification led to land and buildings
held in trust and owned by community co-operatives
Renewable Energy for Chinese Farmers – China
Retrofitting rural farms with biodigesters as a source of clean energy and training of rural
Innovative use of carbon funding for long-term maintenance
30 Years of Planning Continuity in Freiburg – Germany
Integrated planning approach over 30 years makes Freiburg an exemplar of sustainable living in a
car-light city
Alliances for Building Capacities and Options for the Urban Poor – India
Community-led approach to developing affordable housing solutions and infrastructure, including
advocacy with
government bodies and exchanges with other communities
Hebron Old City Rehabilitation Programme – Palestine
Restoration and reuse of historic buildings, regenerating urban infrastructure and reversing
facilitating a return to day-to-day activities and supporting economic regeneration through job creation
income generation
The 100,000 Homes Campaign – USA
Scaling up of an approach to provide accommodation for thousands of the most vulnerable and
homeless people across the USA
Find out more about each of the 2013 World Habitat Award finalists.
The winners will be announced in August.

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