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Little Known Secrets For Making Money Online

Getting Started
The fear of the getting started in anything new tends to make people procrastinate. This type of fear
usually stems from simply not knowing how to do something, or where to start. Our goal is to help you
with this process and overcome that fear so you can start making money. After all, that's what you're
here for, right? Let's begin with some questions that are commonly asked by people who are new to
using the Internet to make money.
Do I need special skills or a Degree to make money online?

You need no Degree or special skills at all... unless you decide that you want to go find a second career
as a web designer or programmer! But, for most people, there are other far easier ways to earn money
using your computer. Take Associate Marketing for example; almost everyone has heard of, the world's largest online retailer. But, did you know that Amazon also created the very
first Associate Marketing program over 16 years ago for people who wanted to make money selling
products that supplies? didn't require a college degree or any business
experience then, and they still don't today. About the only things you need to be able to make money in
Associate Marketing are a computer, an Internet connection, commitment and the desire to learn.
Will it cost me a lot of money?

It does not have to cost you a lot of money! For example, does not charge you to become
an Associate. It's absolutely free. You just need a website... which, by-the-way, you can also get for
about the cost of dinner at your favorite restaurant.