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Press Kit 2013



Dresden Dresses is contemporary dance music. Since 2010, Antoine Lahaie’s solo
project has evolved, but it remains pop-friendly and highly energetic. Having studied
visual arts for a while, Antoine puts a lot of efort in the overall creation process. The
fnished product is halfway between the fun of Ace Of Base, the cleverness of Brian Eno
and the intensity of the Prodigy.




Lorsque la voix d'Antoine Lahaie surgit de la fumée dans le noir, on croirait un feat
de Tom Waits dans Prodigy. Pourtant je reste convaincu qu'on peut être le pire hater de
Prodigy ou de Tom Waits et un admirateur secret de Dresden Dresses; l'inverse étant
possible également. Et c'est là toute la magie de ce projet : sa radicalité passionnante de
synthétiser l'intelligence humaine pour faire de toi une bécane de danse compétitive. A
l'instar de D'Eon, [...] il écrit la musique contemporaine d'après-demain en s'inspirant de
personnages historiques comme Brian Eno, Justin Timberlake et Aphex Twin.
- Charly Lazer
«What should we call this? Post-Crystal Castles? Whatever it is, it's just amazing.»
-Silent Shout Blog
«[...] an experimental dark pop record that deserves more attention. It’s a truly
eclectic release: the EP jumps from genre to genre, tempo to tempo, but never jarringly
so [...]» -Silent Shout Blog
«[...] une électro-pop expérimentale somme toute substantielle, surprenante, [...]
à la fois très cérébral[e] et ludique1» / «[...] a surprising yet substential experimental
electro-pop, whom is both ''cérébral'' and ''ludique'' [...]»
-Bande à Part
«Les riches compositions de Lahaie sont des exercices de proportion, des
grenouilles qui deviennent aussi grosses que des bœufs – déjà ambitieuses sur l’album
homonyme, elles acquièrent ici une ampleur dynamique grandiose, une oppressante
grandeur sinusoidale et chimérique. S’il cafarde, Lahaie, la canalisation de sa grisaille est
victorieuse en capitaine.»
-Bande à Part



05.31.2013 @Espace B., Paris FR
W. Easter
05.29.2013 @Meet Factory, Prague CR
W. Light Asylum
05.27.2013 @Konje Kultur Raum, Karlsruhe DE
W. Fenster
05.24.2013 @Le Sonic, Lyon FR
W. Gold Zebra
05.19.2013 @Bootleg, Bordeaux FR
W. Cargo
05.16.2013 @Le Saint des Seins, Toulouse FR
W. MIL3¥ $3RI•VS
12.31.2012 @The Extension, Montreal CAN
W. Chevalier Avant Garde
12.18.2012 @Barrymore Music Hall, Ottawa CAN
W. Nite Jewel
12.08.2012 @Union commerciale, Quebec CAN
W. Diamond Rings, Gold & Youth
11.03.2012 @Double Double Land, TORONTO CAN
W. Adrienne Kammerer (Dj), Rebecca Fin Simonetti
17.11.2012 @Loft Space, Montreal CAN
W. D'Eon, Jeff Barbara, Solar Year
20.09.2012 @Royal Phoenix (POP MONTREAL), Montreal CAN
W. Zooey, Prince Innocence, Echo Beach, You'll Never Get To Heaven
28.07.2012 @Loophole (NOISEKÖLLN), Berlin DE
W.Quiltland, Sand Circles

* Note that Dresden Dresses performed some shows as a band member of KARNEEF
(SXSW 2013 (Austin, TX), CMJ 2013 (Toronto, CAN), Sala Rossa, Montreal, CAN w. Sean
Nicholas Savage and Jef Barbara, Il Motore, Montreal, CAN w. Stereo Total, Pantoum,
Quebec, CAN w. Mozart's Sister, etc.)



Noisey (Music by Vice)
Thomas Jude Kaplan (Personnal blog)
Bande A Part (Radio-Canada)
Silent Shout





C.L.V (Life Is Life)





Dresden Dresses is Antoine Lahaie's frst solo project, born out of the need to express some ideas
that couldn't be developed through Antoine's main discipline: Visual Arts. Indeed, even if his
artistic concerns are quite diferent from the ones regarding Dresden Dresses, art cannot do
otherwise than to cling to the visual universe surrounding the project. Consequently, intense
visuals, insane performance and excentric dress-up blend all together to create a censorless
D.I.Y ethics (and aesthetics) dominates the project. It is, for Antoine Lahaie, a way to go through
some barriers. The undeniable self-sufficiency surrounding Dresden Dresses allows him to stay free
and spontaneous throughout the creation process. Indeed, the early release of the young man's
debut ablum is probably due to his will to do things himself...
So far, Antoine Lahaie has been inspired by numerous genres and artists, pionners such as Nina
Hagen, Brian Eno, David Bowie, Philipp Glass, Genesis P. Orridge, etc. Things have changed a bit
over the last years, as Dresden Dresses is now digging more than ever into pop culture to fnd his
inspiration. To name a few, Justin Timberlake, Eminem, Beyoncé and Diplo, are artists that opened
Antoine's mind regarding musical production, amongst other things.
A lot of changes are happening in the music sphere right now because of musicians like James
Ferraro, Fatima Al Qadiri, Laurel Halo, D'Eon, altogether with the major changes that happened in
the way we share and communicate art and music. This new way of perceiving performance and
music composition, with the help of technology, is defnitely what currently nourishes Dresden

LEP, Cassette Tape, 28'46''
Self-Released August 2012.

Dresden Dresses, CD, 36'19''
Self-Released October 2011.

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