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- AOC MEDOC - Cru Bourgeois Situated 700 meters from the Gironde River and very close to the Atlantic Ocean, the Chateau Roquegrave has
an oceanic climate. The vineyard is structured in 3 different blocks of vines. The Cabernet Sauvignon holds the
land closest to the river, on the pebbles; the Merlot and another block of Cabernet are around the Chateau,
surrounded by gravel, the soil becoming sandier with the third plot. Roquegrave makes a beautiful and
attractive wine with great value for money.

Area of Production
Grapes Varieties:
Vineyard Area:
Age of vines:

Bordeaux, France
AOC Médoc
49% Merlot – 46% Cabernet Sauvignon 5% Petit Verdot
25 hectares
Gravel and sand
15 to 30 years




Traditional Bordeaux Guyot double pruning.
Manual leaf thinning and green harvesting on all
plots. Machine harvest.
The fruit is crushed and de-stemmed in the cellar
of the Chateau, then transferred into stainless
steel vats with temperature control for 3-4 weeks.
Daily pumping over.
The wine is aged for 12 months in tanks. Oak
chips are added to the wine.
At the Chateau.

Tasting Notes


Deep and intense garnet colour.
Intense and elegant nose with cherry perfume,
fresh red fruits and spices.
Great harmony on the palate, good flavour with
persistent and generous tannins, well balanced. A
powerful finish.
Good potential, 7 to 10 years.
PIERRE RAOUX WINE SELECTION - 29 Rue du Bocage, 33200 BORDEAUX, FRANCE / / Ph: +33 (0)609 631 570

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