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Learn and travel
with Kolibri Languages

If you love travelling, you’ll enjoy finding out more about the culture, language and way of life in France.
Kolibri Languages Practical Guides are a unique combination of insider knowledge and structured language help.
Organised for easy reference and attractively illustrated you can use them to prepare your trip and as the perfect
souvenir when you return home. Even if you are just dreaming about that special trip, you will find plenty to enjoy.
The Practical Guides also make a delightful and useful present.
• Practical information
• Cultural points
• Language tips
• Amusing idioms

• Historical anecdotes
• Useful words and phrases
• Quizzes
• Help with pronunciation and intonation.

Each book comes with an audio CD that will help you with pronunciation and intonation so you will feel confident
when talking with French people. Whether you are a frequent visitor or travelling to France for the first time,
whether you have little or only a very rusty knowledge of the language (A2 Common European Framework of
Reference for Languages), or more confidence (B2 CEFR), these guides will help you make the most of your trip.

Eating and Shopping in France
Everything you need to enable
you to eat well and do your
shopping in France.

Meeting the French
What to expect and what
you should know when
meeting the French.

Life in France
Discover the inside
story on everyday
life in France.

Available as attractive printed books www.kolibrilanguages.com
on Amazon and in selected bookstores.


Now available in digital format for Apple and Android tablets and smartphones.
Download our free app Kolibri Books to view sample pages.

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