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Infinite Youtube Views/Likes/Comments/Subs/Favs method – Mystic

Disclaimer / TOS
1. This method is Blackhat/Frowned upon, you were told
this before purchase and on the main thread.
2. No reselling WHATSOEVER.
3. No sharing WHATSOEVER
4. No leaking WHATSOEVER
5. Absolutely under no circumstances are refunds allowed.

Hello, first off I’d like to thank you for buying this method. With
that being said, I assure you this method will work for you. I
used to pay people to get me Youtube views, until I discovered
this, and yes this WAS discovered by me and me only.
So lets get right to it!


1. $5
2. A fiverr account
3. Youtube video

1. Look for a fiverr gig that offers youtube
views/likes/comments or whatever you want. I recommend
looking for one that has a lot of orders in queue, and has a lot
of positive feedback.
2. Once you have found the gig you like, simply use the $5 you
have to purchase it. Now don’t leave yet, there IS a twist at
the end.
3. Wait till your order is ¾ done. For example if you were
suppose to get 20k views, wait till you are at 15k – 18k views
and request to cancel your order. Explain the reason behind
your cancelation by saying something along the lines of “ This
video got taken down in my contry “. Make sure to sound
4. They will most likely cancel your order and you will get $5 in
your Fiverr account balance which you will be able to
purchase another gig and do this over and over again.
5. If they refuse to pay you back, you simply open a ticket with
Fiverr support and say something a long the lines of “Hi, this
user promised to get me legit/safe Youtube views for my
video to help me advertise. My video got banned in my
country and I got a email saying Youtube will take legal

actions against me for having counterfeit views. I’m about to
completely remove my video because of this, please give my
money back”

Now if does not work, feel free to choose from one of
these many sites:


For a free 2,500 Youtube views, you can simply sign up on !

I just want to thank you for purchasing this E-Book. If you
follow those steps above you are guaranteed to get free
views! Make sure to leave positive feedback on the original

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