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How the Khilafah was destroyed

The fiercest and harshest of wars between Islam and Kufr and between
the Muslim and the Kuffar armies broke out in successive battles. Victory
in all these wars was to the Muslims. Although the Muslims were defeated
in some of the battles, they however always won the war, and they did
not lose a war for six centuries, rather remaining victorious in all of their
wars during that time. The Islamic State remained the leading nation
throughout the whole of that period. Apart from the Muslims, this has
never happened to mankind, rather it has been exclusive to the Islamic
State. However the disbelievers, especially the European states, had been
mindful of Islam, for they wanted to attack it, and they had been mindful
of the Muslims, for they wanted to destroy their entity. They attempted
to attack or conspire against the Muslims whenever the opportunity arose.
Between the end of the sixth century Hijri (eleventh century CE) and the
beginning of the seventh century Hijri (twelfth century CE), the European
countries sensed the condition that the ruling system in the Islamic State
had reached regarding the fragmentation of the Wilayahs (provinces) from
the body of the state, and the independence of some Walis (governors)
in key areas concerning the internal policy such as the armed forces, finance,
authority and the like. In fact, they had become more like a federation of
states rather than a single united state. The Khaleefah’s authority had been
reduced in some Wilayahs to the supplication for him on the pulpits,
minting coins bearing his name and sending him an amount of money
from the Kharaj. The European states had sensed this, hence they dispatched
the crusades against the Muslims, and war broke out. The Muslims were
defeated in this war and the Kuffar captured the whole of Al-Sham :
Palestine, Lebanon and Syria. They occupied these territories for decades,
even keeping some areas such as Tripoli for a hundred years.
Although the battles which took place between the crusaders and the
Muslims were continuous throughout the hundred years, and although
the Muslims’ attempts at recapturing the lands over which the crusaders
defeated them did not subside, these wars did however unsettle the Islamic
Ummah, and they lowered the status of the Islamic State. The Muslims


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