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The struggle between Islam and Kufr

lost the war and they were defeated by the Kuffar. Victory in the war was
to the Kuffar against the Muslims. Although the victory of Kufr against
Islam never materialised, neither intellectually nor spiritually, the shame
and humiliation which befell the Muslims was beyond imagination. Thus,
the era of the crusades, is considered an era of defeat for the Muslims,
for despite their victory in the end against the crusaders with their expulsion
from Al-Sham, they did not pursue the conquests and the wars with the
disbelievers. No sooner had the crusades ended, the Mongols arrived,
and the massacre of Baghdad took place. This setback was followed by
the fall of Damascus at the hands of the Mongols in the same year, (656
AH, 1258 CE). Then came the battle of Ayn Jaloot on 3rd September
1260 where the Mongols were destroyed. In the wake of the destruction
of the Mongols, the emotions of Jihad were aroused in the souls of the
Muslims, and they sensed the need for a resumption of carrying the
Da’awah to the world. Hence, the Muslim conquests of the Kuffar began
once again, and Jihad against the Byzantines was resumed. Battles broke
out and successive victories followed. It was around the seventh century
of Hijrah (the 13th century CE) when the Islamic Ummah resumed the
conquests. The wars continued and several successive battles took place,
and the Muslims always emerged as the victorious, for although the
Muslims were beaten in some battles, they used to win the wars and
conquer the lands. The Islamic State was the leading nation and she
continued to occupy the premier position for four centuries, until the
mid 12th century AH (the 18th century CE). Then the industrial revolution
in Europe emerged in a remarkable manner that had a profound impact
on the states’ powers. Muslims stood idle and confused by this revolution,
hence the balance of power in the world changed and the Islamic state
began her slide from the leading spot gradually, until eventually she became
the coveted object of the greedy. Hence, she started evacuating the lands
she had conquered and the lands which had been previously under her
authority. The disbelieving countries started usurping from her the land
of Islam piece by piece, and this marked the start of the ebb and the end
of the tide for the Muslims. Since then, the European countries started to


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