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All praise is to Allah (swt), the Lord of the Worlds. And we send peace
and blessings upon the master of the Messengers, the Imam of the
Muttaqeen (those who fear Allah), and upon his family, his companions
and upon everyone who makes Da’awah with his message, and who
confines himself to the method of the Messenger (saw), and follows in
the footsteps of the Messenger (saw) and takes the Islamic Aqeedah as the
basis of his thoughts, and the Shari’ah rules as the standard for his actions
and as the reference for all his opinions.
The Muslim Ummah has become well aware that the re-establishment of
the Khilafah is the most vital issue facing them today since it is the Khilafah
that will establish the prayer, unify the Islamic lands, and implement the
Shari’ah on the earth. Throughout the entire world the sons and daughters
of this Ummah are calling and working for its return so that the light of
Islam that guided the world in the darkest of ages returns to enlighten
humanity once again.
Unfortunately, after the destruction of the Khilafah, Islam became absent
from the realm of life and became something from which the Muslims
were detached. The minds of the Muslims were such that they could not
imagine any system of government except the rotten and tyrannical regimes
imposed on the Muslim countries. The Muslims in the West became
subdued by the situation, due to their detachment from the Muslims in
the Islamic lands, and began to look with hope and desperation to the
capitalist way of life and its rotten fruits.
What must be realised is that the responsibilities of the work to re-establish