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The turbulent jets with swirl are of particularly significant and practical interest in various
fields of industry.
The UDF function (User’s Define Function) allows carried out numerical study very near to
reality, and allows minimized time and cost of calculation and optimization of the code user’s power.
The present study concern the comparison between three models of turbulence for the forecast
of a turbulent free ax-symmetric jet with turbulence. The numerical method of finished volumes is
used for the resolution of the coupled and nonlinear equations which govern this type of flow. The
terms of flows connectives and diffusive in the equations of Navier Stocks are discredited with the
hybrid diagram. The iterative sequence adapts the SIMPLE algorithm for the resolution of the system
of equations.
The models of turbulence used are the models K-ε, k-ω and the RSM models. The numerical
results obtained are compared with experimental results available.