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Marseille, 07/01/2013

Dear members,
You are now part of the OFIAN family. Like in any other community in which members have to
interact, there are guidelines and rules to adhere to.
That’s why we’re asking you to download and read those internal rules, then to return them signed,
with the set of information requested below, to the following address:

Association OFIAN
c/o Mlle Erika Garcia, Secrétaire,
32 Boulevard des Talus
13011 Marseille
Your membership will only be valid after that.
We’re thanking each and every one of you for your devotion and motivation, and we’re pleased to
have you among us.

Executive Board members
CASSORLA Julie: President
JACQUES Vanessa: Co Vice-President & Sales manager
SOUMARE Aicha: Co Vice-President & Translator/Interpreter
GARCIA Erika: Secretary / Treasurer

OFIAN is a French non-profit (1901 Law) association, governed by rules that everyone must adhere
to. Those rules are issued between original members (board) and individuals who are joining the

I- Members
1- Executive Board Members
Board members: include the different important positions of the association; they have voting rights at
the General Assembly.
2- Regular members
Regular members: Are regular members, individuals who pay an annual membership fee of 25€ (10€
of these 25€ being donated to the Ian Somerhalder Foundation [ISF] to help funding its project “ISF
Animal Sanctuary”), and who support or participate in activities managed by the association.
Memberships are not automatically renewable. They go from july 2013 to july 2014.
Regular members will have to provide with the internal rules document signed, the following
• Last and first names
• Address
• Email
• Contact phone numbers
• Twitter name (personal or related to ISF or BOB groups) if they have one.
If these information are modified in any way or at any time, please provide the new/corrected one.
Membership in the Association shall terminate upon:
• death
• voluntary resignation: a written notice should be sent to at least of the Executive board members
• exclusion, pronounced by the executive board, in the event of violation of the aims or rules
presented herein or for any other action seriously prejudicial to the association
• dismissal (pronounced by the executive board) upon default in the payment of the membership
fees, or in the return of the rules signed
Regular members can’t make decisions regarding the association without validation of the Executive
board members.
Each protest or event/action organized by one or several regular member(s) must be supervised by at
least one of the Executive board or staff members (without any of them taking ownership of this idea).

II- General

By being a member of OFIAN, you are also part of the Community group that supports ISF in
France, aka ISF French Project-ISF France. Therefore you will have to be aware of ISF’s code of
conduct and rules − available on the Foundation’s website− and adhere to it.
Being a member of OFIAN is not only summarized by getting a membership card, it also implies
to be involved in the life of the association (through its actions set up in any forms, exchanges on
social networks…)
Regular members can’t take any decision without the approval of at least one board members
Ideas brought by members (board, regular) are officially owned by the association, and can’t be
claimed afterwards as proprietary by said members.
Unless otherwise specified, all events/actions organized by one or more regular members will have
to be supervised by at least one board member, without him claiming property of the idea. Said

idea, being now owned by the association (regular members from whom the idea originated will
be mentioned, as well as their efforts).

III- Private life policy

Board members shall not disclose personal information that they have on regular members
(pictures, sayings, emails, text messages, private personal conversations…) without their consent.
Regular members shall also abide to these rules regarding other members (board, regular).
Members (board, regular) shall refrain from slandering, communicating, or disseminating
defamatory statements/pictures about other members (board, regular) or the association using any
medium (social networks, forums, blogs,…), under penalty of immediate exclusion.
Our bullying policy is simple: no bullying in any form (moral, emotional, physical, cyber, name
calling, false gossip, coercion…) will be tolerated. Individuals bullying others or who participated
in this kind of behavior will be excluded immediately.

IV- Confidentiality

Regular members shall protect the confidentiality of all information that they will receive
pertaining to the association (e.g., internal functioning, projects/actions to come…) during the time
they are members and afterwards.

V- Adhésions, Donations

Membership fees are paid via check (national) or bank transfer, and are used for the association’s
functioning (mailout, implementation of actions, insurance …).
Donations are made via checks, bank transfer, paypal, or cash during events
The association, represented by the executive board, ensures the use of raised funds for the actions
it fights for/defends:
- Donations to ISF
- Green Vampire Convention
- sponsorship of animals
- Events to come
- Creation and production of Goodies to be sold during events
As well as the security of transactions.

VI- Assurance

The association as well as each of its members is insured by the ‘Generalli’ company in the
context of the potential actions on the field or the rental of premises.

Signing this document implies that you read it, understood it and that you abide to the code of conduct
as well as the different points issued by the OFIAN’s Board.
First and last names
Signature preceded by the handwritten words « Read and approved »

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InternalRules.pdf - page 3/3

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