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Presentation of the project
Thematic Action Line

Policy Framework

Cultural and Natural Heritage

Climate Change

Private sector sustainable practice

Environmental Sustainability

Finance and Investment

Poverty Alleviation

Hotel Energy Solutions will deliver information, technical support and training to help small and medium sized hotels across the 27 EU
countries to increase their use of energy efficiency and renewable energy. This will help to reduce hotel operational costs, while
increasing competitiveness and sustainability and assist in alleviating the industry’s impact on climate change.

Information on the project
Country and Region:

Coordinating Organization:



Implementation Level:

World Tourism organization (UNWTO)


United Nations Environment Programme
International Hotel & Restaurant Association
French Environment & Energy Management
Agency (ADEME)
European Renewable Energy Council (EREC)

Key Beneficiaries

SME Hotels and associations, destinations,
technology providers

Key words

Hospitality industry
Energy efficiency and renewable energies
climate change

Contact :
Ms. Zoritsa Urosevic
HES Project Coordinator

Claudia Lisboa
HES Project Manager


Total Budget : USD 1,6 million
European Commission co-founded initiative in
the frame of the Intelligent Energy Europe

Description of the project
Executive summary
Content (100 words)
Hotel Energy Solutions brings together key organisations in the fields of tourism and energy technologies. The hotel industry is among the
most energy-intensive sectors of the tourism industry, while being an important source of employment. Europe has approximately 5.45 million
hotel rooms of which SMEs account around 90%. Hotel Energy solutions focuses on action to foster energy efficiency and the rational use of
energy resources in the accomodation sector.

Management and Coordination
Technical and Communication coordination
UNWTO is coordinating the overall project. Roles and work packages have been attributed to each partner forming the management team.
Local coordinators have been appointed in each destinations to support dissemination and promotion activities forming part of the pilots, and
report to the project management team.
Training activities are carried out in partnership with local tourism associations and municipalities of each pilot destinations.

Main Activities / Work Packages
Break Down of Activities / Work Packages (300 words)
The Hotel Energy Solutions Project will undertake three key functions:

Develop a toolkit and supporting materials to assist SME hotels to plan for and invest in energy efficiency (EE) and renewable
energy (RE) technologies.

Test the toolkit in hotels – and use the lessons learned to improve the tools.

Disseminate and promote the toolkit to hotels – highlighting practical solutions for increased use of energy efficiency (EE) and
renewable energy (RE) technologies in SME hotels across the European Union, alongside tools enabling SME hotels to benchmark
their energy performance and prioritize the most cost effective investments for improving their energy performance.

Objectives& Measurable Goals

Assess current practices and needs for EE and the use of RE
Identify key EE and RE technologies, equipment, manufacturers and suppliers in order to facilitate the integration of EET and RET in
the European hotel sector
Sensitize EE/RE manufacturers and suppliers of the opportunities of SMEs hotels
Develop a toolkit on EE and RE to provide the most adapted, practical and cost-effective solutions that will improve SMEs hotel
EE/RE use
Increase energy efficiency of 100 pilot hotels in 4 destination type, while running pilot projects to test the toolkit and materials
Promote and disseminate widely HES outputs

Key Outcomes (with indicators)

Development of an online energy toolkit that enables SME hotels to assess their current energy use and carbon footprint.
of thefor
in four pilot destinations with at least 100 SME hotels trained in the use of the toolkit prior to its formal launch to
the European tourism community.
Uptake of EE and RE technologies by the accommodation sector.

Project Website:

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