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of Conformity
Registration No.: STE120810053, STE120810054

STE120810055, STS120810331

: Shenzhen Yaoertai Technological Development Co., LTD




: Wireless remote control

Model No.

: YET001, All model see the Appendix I

The submitted products have been tested by us with the listed standards and found in
compliance with the following European Directives:
The R&TTE Directive 1999/5/EC

EN 60950-1:2006 + A11:2009 + A1:2010
EN 50371: 2002
EN 300 220-1V2.3.1:2010
EN 300 220-2V2.3.1 2010
EN 301 489-1 V1.9.2: 2011
EN 301 489-3 V1.4.1: 2002
The tests were performed in normal operation mode, The test results apply only to the
particular sample tested and to the specific tests carried out. This certificate applies
specifically to the sample investigated in our test reference number only.
The CE markings as shown below can be affixed on the product after preparation of
necessary technical documentation.
Other relevant Directives have to be observed.
Certified by:
August 10, 2012
Shenzhen Certification Technology Service Co., Ltd.
2F, Building B, East Area of Nanchang Second Industrial Zone,
Gushu 2nd Road, Bao'an District, Shenzhen 518126, P.R. China
Website: http://www.cessz.com
Email: service@cessz.com

Appendix I Model No.
YET001, YET002, YET003, YET004, YET005, YET006, YET007, YET008,
YET009, YET010, YET011, YET012, YET013, YET014, YET015, YET016,
YET017, YET018, YET019, YET020, YET021, YET022, YET023, YET024,
YET025, YET026, YET027, YET028, YET029, YET030, YET031, YET032,
YET033, YET034, YET035, YET036, YET037, YET038, YET039, YET040,
YET041, YET042, YET043, YET044, YET045, YET046, YET047, YET048,
YET049, YET050, YET051, YET052, YET053, YET054, YET055, YET056,
YET057, YET058, YET059, YET060, YET061, YET062, YET063, YET064,
YET065, YET066, YET067, YET068, YET069, YET070, YET071, YET072,
YET073, YET074, YET075, YET076, YET077, YET078, YET079, YET080,
YET081, YET082, YET082, YET084, YET085, YET086, YET087, YET088,
YET089, YET090, YET091, YET092, YET093, YET094, YET095, YET096,
YET097, YET098, YET099, YET100, YET102, YET103, YET105, YET-F510D,
YET-J29, YET-J34, YET-J08, YET-J28, YET-J48, YET-J88, YET-BM053,
YET-YS09, R1100809(RF)

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