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Experts  in  Green  Cleaning

Exclusive  Distributor  of

Who  we  are  
VIDAPHA, founded 20 years ago, began with the supply of
modern fuel equipment and continued with automatic fuel
management in Vietnam.
It is during those 20 years of work in the oil industry where
we have grown aware of the importance of human impact
on the environment, which includes the uninformed
overconsumption of water and the disposal of water
polluting products
With the deterioration of the environment, alternatives that
compromise the efficiency of past products with the
environmental needs of the future are necessary
After browsing the market for adequate products that will
correspond to our values, we have finally managed to
become the largest distributor of such a wide range of
environmental-friendly sanitary products
We offer products that are applicable in most areas. From
large industrial zones to the smallest restaurants.

What we have to offer
Steam Generating Cleaners
Hot & Cold water high-pressure Cleaners
Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaners
Single Disc Cleaning Machine
Enzyme-based Bioproducts

Steam Generating

Our  Products

Single Phase
Vacuuming Steam Generator
9 Bar pressure
175˚C at max temperature
4.62Kg/h of steam production
Pivoting wheels equipped with

Heating requires 7 minutes
3.3 Kw / 230V
5L water tank
5L detergent tank

Heating requires 7 minutes
3.3 Kw / 230V
5L water tank
5L detergent tank

IVP 4.0 Vac

Single Phase
Vacuuming Steam Generator
9 Bar pressure
175˚C at max temperature
4.62Kg/h of steam production
Pivoting wheels equipped with

Kolumbo - Cordless or 2-way

Single Phase
Diesel powered burner
Fuel consumption: 3L/hr
Heating requires 2 minutes
10 Bar pressure
178˚C at max temperature
37.5Kg/h of steam production

Battery powered (optional)
2 Gun outputs (optional)
25L water tank
25L fuel tank

Products  of  European  Origin

Hot & Cold Water
High Pressure

Our  Products

Indian XP - Hot & Cold
Brass axial pump head
Automatic Stop System
Safety Valve
130 Bar Pressure
2800 RPM
Temperature regulation gauge
Vertical burner

• Diesel powered burner
• 660 Liters per hour

Ocean 1510 LP - Cold water

30/150 Bar Pressure
1450 RPM
3 Kw Abs. power
345 Liters per hour

Clark 5H - Cold water with petrol engine

160 Bar Pressure
570 Liters per hour
Engine: Honda CG 160
Engine HP: 5
Gasoline Engine

Products  of  European  Origin

Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaners
Single Disc Cleaning Machine

Our  Products

Titano - Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner
3 Silenced two stage motors
Plastic Tank
7m power cable
3000 W motor
2400mm of H2O of Column
• 78 Liters tank capacity

• 162 Liters/second suction

ODM 45G - Single Disc Cleaning Machine

Low Speed Type
154 RPM brush
41.3g/cm2 contact pressure
Cable length 15m
54db noise level

• Additional Accessories
• Carpet Brush
• Scrubbing Brush
• Tynex Brush
• EWU Pad holder
• Carborondum Disc

Comprex NP12 - Detergent Sprayer
• Volume: 14.85 Liters
• 12 Liters of detergent capacity
• Detergent temperature range
min 1˚C max 40˚C
• Manual recharge
• 3 Bar pressure
• Anti-freeze hose type

• Lance length: 1050 mm

Products  of  European  Origin

Our  Products


Used in Urinals in Restrooms
Plastic Screen for large residue
Prevents foul odors
Prevents calcification
Sanitized and keeps pipes clear
Biological catalysts

• Up to 60 days before
• GMO free
• Menthol Fragrance

• Natural Tablets with biological
• Degrades any organic residue
clogging pipelines
• Removes foul odors
• Sanitizing septic tanks, cess
pools, sewage networks

• 1 per drain point
• Once every two weeks
• Reduces pipeline maintenances

Liquid Product
Natural Insect Repellant
Chases insects away
Sprayed onto surfaces such as
tables, walls
• Can be diluted with water or
sprayed on concentrate

• Citronella Fragrance
• Recommended for outdoor

• Powder form
• To be applied in all types of
trash cans
• Reduces foul odors
• Sanitizes by removal of germs
• Dosage depends on volume of
trash can

• Prevent malodors from
penetrating into service areas
• Prevent bacteria and pathogens
from affecting surroundings

Products  of  European  Origin

Where our products work
Food and Beverage facilities
Sanitizing kitchenware, refrigerators, ovens,
burners, steel and chrome surfaces
Removes grease
Eliminates odors, germs and parasites from
food preparation surfaces and floor

Hotels and Office buildings
Provides efficiency and speed to
housekeeping department
Eliminates bacteria and germs from carpets,
textiles, chairs and most importantly beds
Important for disinfection

Medical facilities
Disinfects floors, beds, tables,chairs...
Sanitizes orthopedic equipments
Sterilizes medical cabinets
Sanitizes public benches
Disinfects restrooms

Education and sports facilities
Cleans ventilation ducts
Sanitizes tables and chairs
Sanitizes benches and lockers
Disinfects sports equipments
Eliminates germs and bacteria from showers

Food processing facilities
Remove food residues
Sanitizes batching systems
Remove grease from control panels and
electrical boards
Sanitizes conveyors, packings, filters and
Eliminates bacteria from pipes and drains

Industrial facilities
Cleans motors and crankcases
Sanitizes conveyor belts and work stations
Cleans mechanical parts
Removes grease and encrustations from

Vehicle wash
Reduces water consumption
Removes mud and other staining residues
Sanitizes seats and dashboard
Brightens vehicle body
Avoids chemical waste water runoff

Why  choose  us
We want the best for both our clients and
the environment
We want to compromise environmental
safety with productive efficiency in order to
satisfy everyone’s needs
Our values are what makes us the best
partner in Green cleaning in Vietnam

Our bioproducts are 100% based on
biological constituents such as enzymes and
natural microorganisms that promote
biodegradation of algae, wastes, foul odors
compounds and others

Standard Water
Water Saving
Electricity Saving
No Water Runoff
Natural Sanitizing
Time efficient
Thorough wash
Minimal labor

Detergent Wash

Contact Us
Address: 2 Phung Khac Khoan,
District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

We make the dirtiest jobs, pleasant


08-62 91 21 82
08-62 91 21 81
08-62 95 93 30
09 03 60 75 19

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