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Who  we  are  
VIDAPHA, founded 20 years ago, began with the supply of
modern fuel equipment and continued with automatic fuel
management in Vietnam.
It is during those 20 years of work in the oil industry where
we have grown aware of the importance of human impact
on the environment, which includes the uninformed
overconsumption of water and the disposal of water
polluting products
With the deterioration of the environment, alternatives that
compromise the efficiency of past products with the
environmental needs of the future are necessary
After browsing the market for adequate products that will
correspond to our values, we have finally managed to
become the largest distributor of such a wide range of
environmental-friendly sanitary products
We offer products that are applicable in most areas. From
large industrial zones to the smallest restaurants.

What we have to offer
Steam Generating Cleaners
Hot & Cold water high-pressure Cleaners
Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaners
Single Disc Cleaning Machine
Enzyme-based Bioproducts

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